Rave Facility

Rave Facility

Secure Critical Facility Information for First Responders

Rave Facility is a new module of the Rave 911 Suite™, providing PSAPs and public safety agencies with critical facility information during emergency responses.

  • Speeds response by providing critical information and enhancing collaboration between first responders and facility personnel
  • Enhances responder safety with accurate site details and robust communication tools
  • Reduces the cost and overhead of maintaining accurate facility information by enabling online “crowd sourcing” with public safety oversight and controls

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  • Data elements include floor plans, key holder information, alarm information, location of phones, utility shut-offs, AED locations, and contact information for key administrators and security personnel.
  • Facility managers enter and maintain their own data and are prompted with regular reminders to keep the information up-to-date. Public Safety agencies are provided controls for reviewing, verifying, approving, and accessing the data.
  • Users geo-fence and define each building in the system, enabling the display of critical facility information for every call made from that location – whether landline or wireless.
  • Works seamlessly with other modules in the Rave 911 Suite, including Smart911®.
  • Information is available outside of a 9-1-1 call and can be queried by an authorized user – fire inspector, patrol officer, or dispatcher, helping responders in the field


  • Improves the speed and efficiency of emergency response by providing critical information and enhancing communications with facility personnel.
  • Enhances responder safety with access codes, hazard locations, and floor plans
  • Reduces the cost and overhead of maintaining accurate facility information by enabling online “crowdsourcing”
  • Facilitates inter-agency collaboration between public safety and business and facility managers who work off the same data set and emergency preparedness plans
  • Up to date and accurate data seamlessly available to responders, 911, fire inspectors, and other key personnel
  • Example use cases include providing evacuation routes and hydrant locations during a fire, AED locations during a medical emergency, and floor plans in the event of an active shooter.

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