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Rave SmartSave Awards

Give recognition to those using Rave products to positively impact a call and/or response.


The Rave SmartSave Award gives recognition to those using Rave products, including Rave 911 Suite, Rave Panic Button, Rave Alert, and Rave Guardian in any way that positively impacts an emergency call and/or response.

Additionally, agencies, organizations or institutions using Rave products, can request a press release, their story published on the Rave Mobile Safety blog and post mentioning on social media platforms.

SmartSave Awards

Recent SmartSave Award Winners

Rave SmartSave Award recipient(s) will receive:

 • Mounted certificate on a plaque

 • Amazon Gift Card

 • SmartSave Challenge Coin(s) – Encourage your staff to collect them all!

Rave Smart Save Submission Example:

Questions? Contact Our Marketing Team.

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