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As we continue to face incidents requiring reliable emergency response systems, it's time for public safety vendors to consider technology for transforming emergency response communications. The American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP) has created a new technical report containing guidelines for employers to prevent and respond to incidents of workplace violence. There is support growing for a bill seeking OSHA standard on preventing workplace violence in healthcare facilities. A report shows that students are not just impacted by violence in school but also around them, and these situations can cause a wide range of issues for young people, including PTSD and abuse problems. Five companies have three months to work with Verizon’s new Washington, D.C., lab and its 5G network to produce next-generation solutions for first responders, with help on marketing and use-case testing.

Key Points:

  • Four months after announcing the creation of a 5G First Responder Lab in Washington, D.C., Verizon and Responder Corp., a group of first responders and investors, have named the lab’s first five tenants.

  • The Cohort 1 participants were chosen from an applicant pool of over 50 companies, and they include Adcor Magnet Systems, Aerial Applications, Blueforce Development, Kiana Analytics, and Qwake Technologies
  •  The participants were chosen based on their likelihood of helping first responders with at least one of the following: preparation for and prevention of an emergency; reacting to, managing and executing a response during an emergency; returning a community to normal after a disaster; and rebuilding and applying lessons from a disaster to prevent future loss
  • Applications for the second cohort of the 5G First Responder Lab are open through April 5, and interested technology developers can learn more and apply at 5GFirstResponderLab.com 

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Special Needs DirectorySpecial Needs Directories not only provide valuable information to first responders in emergencies, they also help state and local governments prepare for when adverse events occur. However, there are challenges to building a Special Needs Directory. Fortunately there is also a solution. Here's how to overcome these challenges and make sure that safety for all members of your community are being managed, even the for those individuals who are the most vulnerable.  


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evaluating school safety solutionsConcerns over school safety are being raised in communities across the country. Parents, school staff, local leaders and more have options of what they think the correct answer is to proactively protecting students.Countless solutions are available, making it a challenging for school administrators to know which will provide the most value for their school. Here are 4 questions that can help you make an informed decision when it comes to evaluating school safety solutions.


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With concerns surrounding workplace violence and active shooter mitigation at an all-time, many organizations in the both the public and private sector have been forced to take a harder look recently at their security measures. A survey from Rave Mobile Safety found that emergency preparedness is lacking for many companies today. The “2019 Workplace Safety and Preparedness Survey,” polled 540 respondents in a wide range of industries, and found that 53 percent of organizations “never” perform drills or test their emergency plans when it comes to workplace violence scenarios. Another 45 percent reported that their companies had never drilled for medical emergencies and 50 percent had never practiced for a hazardous materials incident. 

Read the whole story here. 

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