Smart911Connect enables supported PSAPs to aggregate and automatically securely deliver additional caller data to telecommunicators from approved third party sources. Smart911Connect includes not only the application programming interfaces (APIs) necessary to enable this data aggregation and delivery, but also the operational processes, audit trails, reporting, and human machine interfaces to ensure the data is seamlessly integrated into the call taking and dispatching process. Smart911Connect works in both E9-1-1 and NG9-1-1 environments.

How It Works


Smart911Connect integrates additional data sources onto a call taker’s screen in an easy-to-use format.


In addition to Smart911 Profile data, chat, and enhanced location data, Smart911Connect offers available PBX switch data, telematics crash data, building data and floor plans, hazmat data, responder safety checks, incident logs and feeds, medical data from hospitals or other third parties, IP video feeds, and more.

Smart911Connect for Developers

Get the resources you need now at Deliver data from your application directly to 9-1-1 and first responders when someone calls 9-1-1.


Smart911Connect is an information network that will provide supplemental data to an emergency worker during a 911 event. The platform will provide two categories of APIs. The first category will be for third parties who wish to provide supplemental to a 911 call. The other category will be for third parties to consume the aggregated Smart911Connect data.

The platform will provide APIs for the registration of key lookup data, for the retrieval and delivery of additional data during a 911 call or event, and for rendering the data in a UI.

Smart911Connect is optimized for a fast response to the 911 event. The architecture is designed for high availability and scalability as well as performance and security.

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Key Features

Interfaces to support transformation from disparate data formats, aggregation and secure display of data from approved third party sources.

Support for batch, real-time, and hybrid data updates depending on capabilities of third party sources.

Public safety agency control over which data sources they want to subscribe to.

Full roles based access control, ensuring only those designated to view different content types have access.

Logging and audit trail reporting for all data displayed.

Powerful rules-based rendering of data elements in the user interface to ensure most relevant data is prioritized in the display.

Fully managed support of connections to additional data sources, including 24x7x365 support with availability monitoring of third party data sources.

Insulates data collection formats from 9-1-1 system changes, enabling smooth transition from E9-1-1 to NG9-1-1 as well as addition of new data sources.