Rave Messenger from AT&T

Fostering efficient communications within colleges and universities.

What Is Rave Messenger?

Rave Messenger from AT&T provides mass notification and group messaging through text alerts, recorded voice messages, email, RSS feeds and other social media channels. Offering a single, simple interface for seamlessly managing all your modes of communication, you can rest assured that your message will get through quickly – by whatever means you choose – to everyone on your list, every single time.

 Superior contact management for maximum compliance

  • Out of the box user opt-in and registration portal
  • Brand with your look-and-feel
  • Optional authentication via directory services, SSO
  • Phone number validation & proactive “freshness” checking
  • Easy integration options with ERP and SIS
  • Sophisticated SmartLoader automation eliminates manual maintenance
  • Flexible options for opt-in, opt-out participation models

How It Works

Rave Messenger allows you to send notifications and initiate messaging via desktop, laptop, or mobile phone. You can pre-create and store commonly used messages, track response to text, email, or voice messages, while providing full reporting on message statistics and history. The program puts robust options in the hands of administrators but enables dispatchers to easily send the messages they need to get out in a timely manner.

Features & Benefits

Rave Messenger provides multi-lingual messaging with automated translation. It offers Conference Blast for campus collaboration and has both extensive academic / narrowcast messaging capabilities. It provides unparalleled reliability by offering an entirely redundant infrastructure with multiple SMS aggregators, automated load balancing and failover capabilities, and constant monitoring.

Key Features

  • Fully hosted system; nothing to install
  • Assign multiple system administrators and authorized senders
  • Pre-create and store commonly used messages
  • Track response to text, email, or voice messages
  • Full reporting on message statistics and history


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A Round Table Discussion on Campus Safety
Security on Campus and Rave Mobile Safety hosted their first round table discussion on campus safety. Watch this in depth look at campus safety as executives from universities and colleges across the country share their thoughts and initiatives.

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National Campus Safety Awareness Month


“Choosing Rave Messenger as our notification system was an easy decision, as it’s a flexible solution that integrates seamlessly with our existing infrastructure and learning management system. We’ve been impressed not only with how quickly the system can be turned up with very little effort, but also by how simple it is for students, faculty and staff to use.”

~ John Hermes – Vice President & CTO – Oklahoma Christian University

“We know that students are communicating all the time via text messages, so we gave them the opportunity to opt in and receive waitlisting alerts via SMS as well… There’s a high volume of students that sign up for these services.”

~ Chris Seng – Academic Technology – Colorado State University

“We have been very impressed with the performance of the Rave system. The delivery rate of the messages has exceeded our expectations.”

~ Jesse Ballard – Instructional Lab Manager – University of Wyoming

Campus Safety News

Oklahoma Christian University Stays Up to Date with AT&T Notification System
Rave Messenger from AT&T Enables Efficient, Effective Communications Among Students, Faculty, Staff and Parents

Oklahoma Christian University Deploys AT&T Notification System
Oklahoma Christian University (OC) has deployed a new Web-based notification system from smarter utility leader AT&T, to offer its students, faculty, staff and parents with relevant and timely notifications via text message, e-mail or recorded voice message.

AT&T Intros Campus Messenger Service
AT&T is amplifying its voice in the higher education realm with the launch of Rave Messenger, a Web-based service developed by Rave Mobile Safety. Rave Mobile sells a similar solution under the name Rave Alert and targets the service at emergency notifications. AT&T’s marketing emphasizes more mundane but common types of notifications: wait-listing, financial aid, grade posting, and alumni outreach.