Rave Alert University Mass Notification System

Rave Alert is a university mass notification system from Rave Mobile Safety that enables system administrators to quickly and simultaneously contact students, tutors and parents. The system can be used to communicate both emergency and non-emergency events – potentially saving lives, or ensuring students arrive on time for their classes.

Rave Alert has been designed to be simple to use. System administrators access the university mass notification software via a web-based platform. From the platform they can send messages to the university´s database of contacts – or selected groups within the database – with the click of a mouse. Messages can also be scheduled in advance to reduce the management workload.

The platform can be accessed from any Internet-connected device. This means that, should an emergency occur in the middle of the night, system administrators can alert contacts to the risk of danger from their personal tablet or smartphone. Contacts can also be kept up-to-date with events during the emergency, and advised when the risk of danger has passed.

Accessing the University Mass Notification Software

In order to access the university mass notification software, the university´s system administrator first contacts Rave Mobile Safety and speaks our technology experts. Once our technology experts are aware of the primary objectives of the university mass notification service, they organize access to the Rave Alert platform and create a university-branded web portal for the service´s users.

Before being able to use the university mass notification service, it is necessary to populate the software´s database with service users. Depending on the university´s privacy policy, it may be possible to autoload the database with the contact details of students, tutors and other faculty personnel from existing databases. If parents are to be included in the service, it is likely they will have to opt in.

Even if autoloading is an option, opting in by SMS text can be the more effective way of populating the database. Opting in by SMS involves texting a keyword to a shortcode number (i.e. text “student” to 54321). Different keywords can be used for different categories of service user (i.e. “student”, “tutor”, “personnel”, “parent”, etc.) for automatic placement into the appropriate group.

Using the University Mass Notification Service

Unlike some group messaging systems, the Rave Alert university mass notification software uses multiple channels of communication to send messages to service users (SMS text, email, voice broadcasts, email, Twitter, Facebook, etc.). Once opted into the service, users can add further contact details via the university-branded web portal to the mobile number already recorded.

The user web portal can also be used to make note of special requirements in the event of an emergency – i.e. mobility issues – and for users to select any additional groups that would like to be included in. For example, a tutor with medical training who has a child attending the university might wish to be included in three different groups – “tutor”, “medical assistance” and “parent”.

Then, should there be an on-campus emergency, the tutor would be advised of the situation immediately via his or her preferred channel of communication, could respond to requests for medically-trained personnel to help look after the injured, and be able to keep up-to-date with developments if unable to contact his or her child.

Find Out More about our University Mass Notification System

Rave Alert is trusted by thousands of further education establishments throughout the country to get the right message to the right people at the right time. Our university mass notification system is proven to enhance campus safety with targeted and mass communication, and can also be used for the nicer things in university life – such as society activities and work opportunities.

If you would like to find out more about our university mass notification system, you are invited to contact us and request a free demo of Rave Alert in action. Our technology experts will ask for a little information about your primary objectives, and then organize a time for the demo that is convenient to you and any others who may be involved in the decision making process.

Alternatively, if you have questions you would like to ask before requesting a demo, do not hesitate to get in touch. Our Customer Support team will be happy to answer your questions and further explain the features of the Rave Alert platform if required. If you want to make sure your messages get to the right people at the right time, there is no better university mass notification system than Rave Alert.