Schools face widening budget shortfalls, while having to prepare against more threats and emergencies than ever before.


Since 2013, there's been an average of one school shooting a week


80% of teachers have had one or more victimization experiences in the last 12 months


In 81% of violent incidents at U.S. schools, one person had information that the attacker was planning the attack and failed to report it

How do you...


Instantly notify on-site staff and first responders of an incident


Coordinate a faster response to school shootings and other events


Empower early intervention and anonymous reporting

One Platform.

Instant Notification for a Faster,
Lifesaving Response.

Scale Your Resources to Support Your School

teacher Growing student-to-teacher ratios with limited staff support spreads faculty and staff thin when it comes to preventing and responding to school emergencies.
click-icon With a mobile panic button communications platform, staff can improve incident management efficiency with templated messages to internal groups.
chat-icon There’s no limit to the number of messages or recipients, enabling every staff member to send internal notifications for fast communication that reduces the duration of disruptions.

Increase School Safety

While school shootings are in the news and a growing national problem, schools also have to prepare for the day-to-day emergencies that impact school safety and put school children at risk.

By partnering with local first responders, schools can automatically provide additional data and information to speed up the emergency response by first responders.

The more information responders have before they arrive at the scene improves their response time, situational awareness and ability to save a life.

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Implement High-Tech Solutions at a Low Cost

With budgets stretching more than ever before, school administrators hoping to get approval for lifesaving technology need to make a business case and be prepared to answer tough questions.

A mobile panic button communications platform is a cost-effective way to improve the safety of everyone in your school community.

Panic button technology ensures faculty and staff are able to efficiently communicate to prevent dangerous incidents and respond faster to emergencies.

Listen to Seminole County's Panic Button Experience
“The Rave platform has been an extraordinary resource and an integral, deeply vested part of our school safety plan.”

Expedite Emergency Response

There are a tragic number of school shootings across the country. If there's a delay in notifying 9-1-1, it can slow down first responders and onsite faculty and staff resolving any incident and putting everyone at the school at risk.

Technology now enables faculty and staff on-site to instantly trigger mobile panic button activation to 9-1-1 and onsite personnel. Bystanders and staff on the scene are immediately notified through mobile technology and can act immediately. This helps to coordinate a faster response by onsite personnel and responding officers.

Generate Positive Media and Community Engagement

While the media can be your best partner for spreading important school news, it can also disseminate incorrect or out-of-date information about an ongoing incident.

You can be the authoritative source about events in your school district by easily disseminating facts around an incident by leveraging the extensive reporting, as well as using the audit trails and time stamps to provide a definitive timeline of events. 

You can tap into the power of the media by empowering it to share your school’s technological innovation to demonstrate your school’s commitment to school safety and violence prevention.

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