Oklahoma’s Norman Public Schools Protect School Community by Leveraging Rave Mobile Safety to Enhance Communication

Customer Success Story

Oklahoma’s Norman Public Schools Protect School Community by Leveraging Rave Mobile Safety to Enhance Communication

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Customer Details

Norman Public Schools has over 15,000 students enrolled in the district. The district consists of 17 elementary schools, four middle schools and three high schools.


School districts face a range of problems when it comes to keeping faculty and staff safe. From emergency preparedness and keeping everyone in the know to responding to active situations in a fast and efficient manner, communication is key throughout any critical event.

Oklahoma’s Norman Public Schools was searching for ways to improve safety and communication during emergencies. Some of the major challenges they face include:

  • Campus sizes, updated maps and accurate location of an emergency
  • Sharing everything over a loudspeaker or radio may have negative impacts or not always be available
  • Nondigital, accessible crisis plans
  • Teacher adoption resistance

The Solution

Through a close working relationship with David Teuscher, emergency management coordinator for Norman Public Schools, and joint presentations to principals, vice principals, administration personnel and school staff, Rave and Norman Public Schools have helped enforce the importance of saving time and lives by sharing reallife customer stories. This all led to a statewide adoption of the Rave Panic Button throughout Oklahoma.

Being able to put a true situation on the screen where the Panic Button was able to pinpoint the location of a medical emergency and help responders arrive on scene in a matter of minutes, encourages change and further adoption of Rave throughout schools.

It’s all about communication and integration with community partners (police, fire, EMS). When a storm knocks out power at a school or an active assailant shows up on campus, it is not feasible to use a loudspeaker or radios or a physical panic device hanging around someone’s neck to respond. The Panic Button 9-1-1 integration with responding agencies is a big differentiator because it was often where a breakdown would happen with people operating off older maps. But with Rave, a comprehensive, unified tool shows real-time data, and everyone has the same, accurate information.

There are no more phone trees or delayed interactions. When seconds count, if a student has an accident on the other side of campus or a teacher has a heart attack, with the click of a button, the necessary personnel can respond immediately. 9-1-1 telecommunicators are engaged and responders know exactly where those in need are located. During an event key stakeholders are continuously notified and updated throughout until the “all clear” is given.

“It’s a game changer to have everything we need in one solution, from communication and shareable maps to crisis plans and drill management. The Rave platform embodies everything we need to stay vigilant on school safety and have a unified solution that can share real-time data and updates with stakeholders and first responders as situations unfold.”


The Result

Teachers want to be prepared and knowledgeable and Rave allows that to happen with drill management and ongoing collaboration throughout an event. Norman public schools’ administrators are purposeful in making sure it is known that when a Rave notification comes through, it is a priority.

Adopting the Rave Panic Button has been a game changer for principals to have everything they need in one app. From new mapping and crisis management tools, Rave always stays on the front end of the market. Responsiveness and timeliness are huge for Norman public schools. Justin Milner, COO, added, “Rave listens to our feedback, takes our comments, and produces actual changes and results in a timely manner that we know is not an easy lift.”

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