Security Incident Management Software

Security Incident Management Software

Due to the different requirements of business, schools and other organizations, there is no “one-size-fits-all” security incident management software solution. Often it is necessary to mix and match different components of different solutions in order to arrive at a compromise between what is required, what is desired, and what will work together.

Security incident management software from Rave Mobile Safety is different. We have developed a range of safety solutions that integrate with each other in order to accelerate incident reporting and increase first responder preparedness, situational awareness and effective communication during an incident. Businesses, schools and other organizations select which of our safety solutions match what they require – and what they desire – and our team of technical experts takes care of the rest.

A Selection of Rave Safety Solutions

The following selection of Rave safety solutions illustrates three different security incident management software components designed to accelerate incident reporting and increase first responder preparedness, situational awareness and effective communication during an incident. They each work with each other or can be used independently of each other to perform their separate roles.

Rave Panic Button

Rave Panic Button is a lightweight Smartphone app that, with one press of a button, authorized users can communicate an emergency – and the nature of the emergency – to 911 and on-site security personnel. 911 call takers have immediate access to information such as who launched the emergency call and their location in order to facilitate the rapid dispatch of first responders.

Rave Facility

Rave Facility is a platform onto which businesses, schools and other organizations can load data about their facilities such as floor plans, the best access points, alarm access codes and AED locations. This information – along with any recorded potential hazards – can be accessed by first responders while on their way to attend to an incident so they are better prepared for the situation ahead of them.

Rave Alert

Rave Alert is a multi-channel emergency notification system for alerting employees, students or citizens to the risk of danger. Effective at raising situational awareness, Rave Alert can be used to conduct two-way conversations with people trapped by the emergency via voice, SMS text messaging or email. Rave Alert also has multiple non-emergency uses to enhance communications within communities.


Rave Integration with Smart911

As well as integrating with other Rave security incident management software components, Rave safety solutions integrate with the most widely-used free safety profile service – Smart911. Used by more than 32 million people nationwide, Smart911 allows individuals to enter critical information about themselves that will only be seen by first responders in the event of an emergency.

The type of information typically entered includes the names and contact telephone numbers of people who live in the same address, vehicle license numbers and medical conditions or mobility issues. Individuals can also indicate whether they are hard of hearing or if English is not their primary language – vital information for first responders to know when attending an emergency.

Working together, Rave safety solutions and Smart911 can accelerate the speed at which incidents are reported, increase the preparedness of first responders to deal with the situation, and provide effective communication during an emergency. Working together, Rave safety solutions and Smart911 provide powerful data and communication tools that save time and save lives.

See Our Security Incident Management Software in Action

If you have a responsibility for safety in a business, school or other organization, or you are a safety coordinator for a community, we invite you to contact us to discuss the components you would like to see in a security incident management software solution. Please note, in addition to the components featured above, we also supply several personal safety and data management tools.

Our team of technical experts will provide you with further information about the components you are interested in, and explain how they would integrate with any other security incident management software already at your disposal. Our team will also arrange a free demo of the components, allowing you and key colleagues time to think of any further questions you would like to ask.