Fast and Reliable Mobile Text Alerts

Mobile text alerts are an effective way to reach large numbers of people within seconds. Nearly everybody has a mobile device capable of receiving an SMS text message and, because of most people´s preference for communication by text, mobile text alerts are usually read soon after delivery – 95% within three minutes according to research published in Forbes.

However, it is rarely possible to send thousands of text messages simultaneously from an individual mobile device. The physical limitations of the mobile device and carriers´ limits on how many SMS texts can be sent simultaneously prevent individual users sending mobile text alerts to more than a small group of contacts. There can also be delays in the speed at which the text alerts are delivered.

In the event of an emergency, it is impractical to send mobile text alerts in batches of ten or with transmission rates of one text per second. For this reason, many organizations choose to use a web-based text alert service such as Rave Alert from Rave Mobile Safety – a service that provides a fast and reliable way of contacting large numbers of people within seconds.

Using Rave Alert for Mobile Text Alerts

Rave Alert works via a web-based platform. System administrators can log into the platform from any Internet-connected device, compose their message, select the recipients and the channel(s) of communication, and click send. Within seconds, the organization´s contacts will be receiving the text message wherever they are, whatever they are doing.

Rave Alert’s safety grade infrastructure – including geo-redundant data centers, multiple carriers, carrier networks and aggregators – is fast and reliable. In addition to warning contacts of the risk of danger, system administrators can provide real-time updates during emergency situations and send an all-clear message from a PC, tablet or smartphone when the risk of danger has passed.

Furthermore, Rave Alert facilitates two-way communication. System administrators can stay in touch with key personnel, receive requests for assistance from those in need, and respond to queries from concerned families, friends and colleagues. Pre-set templates and the option to reuse saved messages also help accelerate the emergency notification process.


Additional User Options Provided by Rave Alert

When an organization subscribes to the Rave Alert text alert service, a branded web portal is created. Users – the organization´s contacts – can log into the web portal and edit their profiles to include alternative methods of contacting them (voice broadcasts, email, social media, etc.), any special needs they have – such as mobility issues – and their preferred language of communication.

This additional information maximizes the reach of the Rave Alert service, enables users with special needs to receive the assistance they require during an emergency, and ensures users receive mobile text alerts they can clearly understand. It is also possible to divide a database of contacts into groups for more effective management and for more relevant communication.

With Rave Alert, administrators can create an unlimited number of user groups. Administrators can divide the organization´s database according to role, location or other attribute or users can choose which group(s) they wish to belong to via the branded web portal. Mechanisms are in place to ensure users in multiple groups do not receive the same mobile text alerts multiple times.

Grouping Facilitates Other Uses for Rave Alert

The ability to create an unlimited number of user groups offers the possibility of using Rave Alert for purposes other than emergency mobile text alerts. For example, schools could advertise fundraising events to a parents´ group, businesses could advertise vacancies to jobseeker group, and communities could promote local attractions to tourists via a visitors´ group.

Due to the way in which contact databases are populated – either by integration with existing databases or by an “opt-in/opt-out” SMS text process – users can opt into specific groups by texting group-specific keywords to Rave Alert´s short code number. They could then be sent text messages (or emails, or social media notifications, etc.) alerting them to events or information that may be of interest to them.

The grouping facility can have many practical uses. It ensures non-emergency messages are only sent to contacts for whom they are relevant and eliminates the possibility of contacts opting out of the text alert system due to receiving frequent notifications of no interest to them. Due to the multiple practical uses, we invite organizations to contact us and request a tailored demo of Rave Alert in action.

Your Free Demo of Rave Alert in Action

Before scheduling your free demo of Rave Alert in action, our team of technical experts will ask you about how you intend to use our text alert system so as to tailor the demo specifically to your needs. This will give you a clearer insight into how Rave Alert sends out both emergency mobile text alerts to entire databases and non-emergency mobile text alerts to groups of users.

The tailored demo will also give you the opportunity to ask more relevant questions about certain processes – for example, the processes for populating the contact database, advising users how to edit their profiles on the branded web portal, and how to opt in/opt out of specific interest groups. You will possibly think of many more questions after the demo which, of course, we will be happy to answer.

To find out more about mobile text alerts from Rave Mobile Safety, or to discuss your requirements with our team of technical experts, contact us today.