Mass Text Notification System

Rave Mobile Safety´s mass text notification system – “Rave Alert” – is a web-based communications platform that can be used to communicate messages to thousands of people quickly and simultaneously. Suitable for use in both urgent and non-urgent scenarios, Rave Alert can protect and inform people with the click of a mouse from any Internet-connected location.

Mass text notification systems are acknowledged to be the most effective means contacting large groups of people in an emergency, as a text message notification system has a broader reach than any other channel of communication. 92% of the population owns a mobile device capable of receiving an SMS text message, and 91% of us keep our mobile devices within reach at all times.

The Rave Alert text message notification system is one of the most reliable and trusted in the country. It is SAFETY Act certified by the Department of Homeland Security and automatically relays alerts from the federal Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS), so users never miss a weather alert or other notification where public safety is threatened.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Mass Text Notification

The coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak has emphasized the need to get text notifications to large groups of people simultaneously. If, for example, an employee is diagnosed with the virus, everybody in the business who may have come into contact with the infected individual needs to be informed as quickly as possible in order for them to go into self-isolation and prevent a further spread of the disease.

In this scenario a coronavirus COVID-19 mass text notification system could be used to alert the entire workforce to the risk of infection (and temporary workers, contractors, and visitors who opted into the system via the SMS opt-in capability) and, as text messages are usually read quicker than other forms of electronic communication, people would be more likely to respond to the notification faster.

Scenarios like this could be repeated in educational institutions and in communities, where the knowledge of a localized outbreak might encourage people not to go out and risk becoming infected themselves. Due to the geo-poll capability of coronavirus COVID-19 mass text notification systems, text alerts could be sent by state and local governments to only those areas impacted in order to mitigate economic disruption and social anxiety.

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Setting Up a Rave Alert Mass Text Notification System

In order to set up a Rave Alert mass text notification system, your community, school, business or other organization should appoint a system administrator. Mass text notification services are simple to use, so the system administrator does not need to have any special technical skills in order to operate Rave Alert – availability is usually the most important attribute.

The system administrator contacts Rave Mobile Safety and discusses their requirements with our technology experts. Our technology experts provide the system administrator with access to the Rave Alert communications platform and create a branded web portal for your community, school, business or organization. We also provide the tools for you to populate your contact database.

Contact databases can be populated in two ways – either by autoloading an existing database onto the platform or by SMS opt-in. Depending on state laws and corporate policies, the autoloading process can create privacy issues, so the web portal has a non-administrative interface for users to edit their profiles, select which messages they want to receive, and how they want to receive them.

Populating Rave Alert by SMS Opt-In

It is likely you will have seen an advert inviting you to text a keyword (for example “pizza”) to a shortcode number (for example “123456”) in order to take advantage of a special offer or discount. The opt-in process for populating the Rave Alert mass text emergency notification system works in a very similar way – only you don´t get a free pizza at the end of it.

People who want to join the mass text emergency notification service text a keyword to a shortcode number and opt-in to the contact database. If using this method to join the contact database, they can use the web portal to add secondary contact details, express which language(s) they would prefer to receive communications in, or - for temporary visitors - enter the date on which they want to opt out of the mass SMS notification system.

If a database is divided into groups (we explain the benefit of this below), contacts can also select which groups they would like to join. Mechanisms exist so that if a contact belongs to multiple groups, they will not receive multiple messages through the same channel of communication. If, for example, a warning of incoming extreme weather was sent to the whole database by mass text communication, an individual in six groups would not receive six text messages.

The Benefits of Dividing a Mass Text Alert System into Groups

Dividing a mass text alert system into groups has many benefits. It ensures people only receive messages that are relevant to them, and prevents the scenario in which contacts opt-out of the service due to receiving too many messages that are of no interest to them. Sending a message to one group is just as easy as sending a message to the whole database, so it creates no extra work for administrators.

System administrators can create a limitless number of groups and sub-groups; and, if practical, assign different keywords to each one. For example, a nationwide business with offices in multiple cities could ask its employees to use the keywords “Dallas”, “Denver” or “Detroit” to opt-into its database, so the business could either send a message to “All” or location-specific messages.

In communities, residents could be divided into groups according to their location; while schools could create separate groups for students, tutors, and parents. As with the scenario of the nationwide business above, system administrators can then either send database-wide urgent and non-urgent messages, or communicate with just the group(s) for whom the message is relevant.

Using the Geo-Poll Feature on our Mass SMS Notification System

One of the many features of Rave Alert that elevates it above other text message notification systems is it geo-poll feature. The feature enables system administrators to send geo-targeted or group-targeted polls in many different circumstances. For example:

  • In businesses, shift managers can use the geo-poll feature to advertise open extra shifts and apply a number of available shifts so that, when they are filled, the poll closes.
  • Community leaders can take advantage of the geo-poll feature to alert elderly residents to public transport disruptions and to find out if any need travel assistance.
  • Schools can use the feature to remind parents of teachers´ meetings and find out in advance how many parents plan to attend and at what times.

The geo-poll feature can also be used to follow up a mass text communication following an emergency to find out if any employees, residents, or students are in need of help. A simple message such as “Are You Okay?” can be accompanied by a selection of answers (for example: “I´m fine”, “I need medical help”, “I need food and water”, etc.) in order to determine where to prioritize resources.

System administrators and emergency managers can monitor open rates and responses via the Rave Alert Command Center, so that individuals not in need of help can be eliminated from search and rescue exercises, while further attempts can be made to contact non-responsive individuals. Effectively, Rave Alert not only helps saves time in an emergency, it also helps save lives.

Organize a Free Demo of Rave Alert in Action

If you are interested in setting up a mass text notification service, and would like to know more about the Rave Alert mass text notification system, please do not hesitate to contact us and request a free demo of Rave Alert in action. We will ask a few questions about the intended objectives of your service, and arrange a time for the demo that is convenient to you and any others who want to share their input.

During the demo, our team of technical experts will explain the features of the Rave Alert platform with reference to your intended objectives and will be happy to answer any questions you have. If you have any questions you would like to ask before organizing your free demonstration, you are invited to contact us, and our Customer Support team will get back to you as quickly as possible.