Why a System of Mass Notification for Corporate Communications?

A system of mass notification for corporate communications is a good idea whatever the size of your company. If implemented for the purpose of enhancing security - for example, sending an alert during an emergency incident - or for advising of workplace closures due to inclement weather, it shows you care for your employees' wellbeing.

A system of mass notification for corporate communications can also be used for more pleasant events in the workplace - for example sharing the company's achievements with employees or inviting them to an out-of-work social event. Whatever the motive for implementing a system of mass notification for corporate communications, you will find many more uses for it than you imagine.

Rave Alert's System of Mass Notification for Corporate Communications

Rave Alert's system of mass notifications for corporate communications is one of the most versatile on the market. It has been deliberately designed for ease-of-use to avoid confusion during an emergency incident, and uses multiple channels of communication to give employees the choice of how they receive non-emergency notifications.

For example, when an emergency alert is sent, it should be communicated through every available channel (voice broadcast, SMS, email, social media, etc.) in order to maximize its reach. However, when non-emergency notifications are sent, employees can express a preference:

  • To receive details of internal job vacancies via email.
  • To receive notifications of workplace closures via SMS.
  • To receive details of out-of-work social events by Twitter.
  • To receive news about company achievements by Facebook.

In order to express their preferences, employees simply log into a company-branded web portal and edit their profiles (the system is usually populated from an existing company HR database). As well as being able to select how they receive non-emergency notifications, they can also join special-interest groups organized by the company - for example a keep fit group.

This option is also available via an SMS opt-in/opt-out feature similar to mobile marketing. Employees simply text a keyword (for example 'KEEPFIT') to the company's short code number and they automatically become a member of that group. They continue to receive notifications about future keep fit sessions until they choose to opt out of the group.

Rave Alert's system of mass notification for corporate communication can support an unlimited number of groups and sub-groups, so it could in theory be possible for a company to host different keep fit sessions for female employees, male employees and employees over a certain age. The system is that versatile and there are endless possibilities.

Find Out More When You Request Your Free Demo of Rave Alert Today

There is far more to Rave Alert than it would be possible to squeeze into a single-page article. For example, Rave Alert is CAP-compliant, enabling users to receive federal and statewide alerts sent through IPAWS. It can be customized to allow different access levels to different administrators, and provides a messaging audit trail via a robust reporting dashboard.

However, not every company wants a system of mass notification for corporate communications with role-based access controls; so, if you contact our technical team and explain what your specific requirements are, we will tailor a demonstration to match your specific requirements. The demo is free, it can be set up with a few hours' notice, and does not commit you to subscribing to our service. Therefore, it costs nothing to find out more, so do not hesitate to contact us today.

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