The Purpose of Mass Emergency Notification for Schools

The purpose of mass emergency notification solutions for schools, colleges and universities is not to “alert the masses” to an emergency incident, but to simultaneously alert 9-1-1, district authorities and faculty colleagues about an incident that requires an emergency response, evacuation or lockdown.

Although there are many different ways to send a mass emergency notification for schools (phone trees, social media/SMS groups, etc.), many have their limitations in respect of the time it takes to alert 9-1-1 to the nature and location of an emergency and then share that information with district authorities and faculty colleagues.

Typically a 9-1-1 call dispatcher will also want to know:

  • The name of the caller and whether they are present at the scene.

  • The callback number (if not available through the E911 system).

  • Whether an ambulance is required and the nature of the injuries.

  • The identity or a description of an active shooter (if known).

Communicating this level of information takes time - time during which faculty colleagues could be taking the appropriate action to protect students from danger. Furthermore, during stressful emergency incidents, it is not uncommon for communication channels to break down - wasting valuable minutes that could potentially result in the avoidable loss of life.

Effective Mass Emergency Notification for Schools

Rave Panic Button provides effective mass emergency notification for schools. Unlike fixed panic buttons that are wall-mounted or desk-mounted, the Rave Panic Button is a smartphone app authorized users can download and have within easy reach when an emergency incident occurs.

In order to notify 9-1-1, district authorities and faculty colleagues simultaneously of the emergency, the authorized user taps the appropriate button on their smartphone screen from a choice of active shooter, medical emergency, fire, police, or other 9-1-1 event.

The solution not only alerts 9-1-1 call dispatchers to the nature of the emergency, but they also have the location, the name and the callback number of the person who activated the alert. With this information, the right emergency service can be dispatched to the right location in the minimum amount of time - saving valuable minutes and potentially preventing the loss of life.

Further Advantages of Rave Panic Button Solutions

In addition to saving time, Rave Panic Button solutions further accelerate response times, better prepare first responders for the nature of the emergency they will encounter, and improve situational awareness during the emergency. They do this in three ways:

  • Schools, colleges and universities have the option to upload floor plans, access points and emergency exits to the Rave Panic Button solution. This information can be supplemented with details of road closures or other obstacles that may delay the arrival of first responders.

  • Our mass emergency notification solutions for schools, colleges and universities can also be integrated with video management systems and access control systems to enhance situational awareness and control who enters or leaves a building during an active shooter incident.

  • During an emergency, 9-1-1 call dispatchers and incident managers can communicate - silently if necessary - with faculty staff on the ground. This level of communication provides further information about where help may be needed the most or when it is safe to evacuate.

By providing as much information as possible in real time, incident managers are in a better position to manage emergency incidents and bring them to a safer conclusion in less time. Once the emergency incidents have been resolved, the Rave Panic Button solution provides detailed analysis of the incident in order to support future staffing and funding decisions.

Non-Emergency Incidents and Internal Communication

Despite being effective mass emergency notification solutions for schools, colleges and universities, Rave Panic Button solutions are also useful communication channels in non-emergency incidents. This is due to a further “Staff Assist” button on the smartphone app's interface that can be used to summon on-campus medical or security personnel when an event occurs that is not an emergency.

Use case scenarios in which a “non-emergency” system of mass emergency notification for schools could prove useful include:

  • When a child has sustained a minor injury in a playground accident, but only one teacher is supervising a group of children, and cannot leave them unsupervised in order to attend to the child's injury.

  • When assistance is required from a School Resource Officer to break up a fight between students, or to deal with an unruly parent who has visited the school to complain about their child's report.

  • When a fire has started in a faculty building that can be extinguished without calling the fire department, but a teacher needs help in maintaining control over worried or upset students.

These use case scenarios are not uncommon, and using our mass emergency notification solutions for schools in non-emergency scenarios familiarizes faculty staff with using the Rave Panic Button app.

Consequently, when an emergency occurs, faculty staff are less likely to hesitate before using the app to alert 9-1-1 to an emergency - minimizing the speed before first responders arrive.

Find Out More about our Mass Emergency Notification Solutions for Schools

Mass emergency notification solutions for schools from Rave Mobile Safety send the right message to the right people at the right time and are proven to save lives in multiple use cases. The Rave Panic Button solutions are easy to set up, operate and maintain, yet play a vital role in protecting students of all ages from the risk of injury in emergency events.

If you are a school safety official who would like to accelerate 9-1-1 responses and better prepare first responders for the nature of the emergency they will encounter, do not hesitate to contact us and request a no-obligation demo of our mass emergency notification solutions for schools in action.

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