Local Text Alerts

There is no more effective way to communicate with large groups of people simultaneously than local text alerts. SMS text messaging has a broader reach than any other channel of communication, 92% of the population has access to a mobile device capable of receiving an SMS text message, and 90% of all text messages are read within three minutes.

Local text alerts can be used to warn people quickly of the risk of danger from adverse weather, natural disasters, man-made disasters or terrorist attacks. They can save valuable time – and potentially lives – in many different use cases in communities, in schools and in business. Furthermore, local text alert systems are easy to use and inexpensive to operate.

How to Send Local Text Alerts

In order to send local text alerts, an organization registers with a bulk text service provider. The service provider gives the organization´s system administrator access to their bulk texting platform – typically a Software-as-a-Service platform that can be accessed from any Internet-connected device. The system administrator logs into the platform, writes the text alert message and clicks send.

Within minutes, every contact within the organization´s database will hear the bleep of any incoming text message and be reading their local text alerts, while system administrators can monitor analytics such as delivery rates and read rates to ensure each contact has received the alert. The administrator can also monitor responses to the alert via the bulk texting platform.

Using Rave Alert for Local Text Alerts

There are a number of bulk texting platforms on the market, and many of them do much the same thing. However, when you use Rave Alert to send local text alerts, our bulk texting platform will resend the alert via an alternative channel of communication (voice, email, social media, etc.) if the initial text alert is not delivered or not read – increasing the reach of Rave Alert over other local text alert systems.

In an emergency situation, Rave Alert also supports two-way communication by voice, SMS text and email. This facility can improve situational awareness, better prepare first responders for the incident they are attending, and help ensure assistance is directed to those most in need of urgent help. By using Rave Alert for local text alerts, organizations save time and potentially save lives.

Additional Features of Rave Alert

There are many additional features of Rave Alert that can be implemented to save time and save lives. One of the most important is the Rave Alert management portal. This portal can be configured so there is an area that can be accessed by the public (or students or employees), who can update their profiles with additional contact information and details of special needs or language preferences.

The portal also allows members of the public to opt into groups that are set up by the system administrator. The groups can be used to identify members of the public who are CERT-qualified, have medical training or other skills that could be useful in an emergency situation. Group membership can also be applied using an SMS opt-in/opt-out facility.


Local Text Alerts for Non-Emergency Events

Rave Alert does not have to be used exclusively to notify people of emergencies. The platform can also be used for more social purposes such as the opening of local attractions, community events and weather forecasts. People wishing to receive local text alerts about non-emergency events can opt-in to receive them either via the management portal or by texting the relevant keyword to a short code.

In a school environment, non-emergency local text alerts can be sent to parents advising them of school closures or to students informing them of extra-curricular activities. Businesses can use local text alerts to advise employees of promotion opportunities or to share important corporate news. There are countless other ways in which Rave Alert can be used to enhance internal communications.

See How Rave Alert Works in a Free Demo

If you would like to know more about communicating with large groups of people simultaneously via local text alerts, you are invited to contact us and arrange for a free demo of Rave Alert in action. Our team of technical experts will ask you a few questions about your particular requirements (community, school, business, etc.) and tailor the demonstration to suit your needs.

The free demo – without obligation – can be organized for a convenient time that suits you and any of your team involved in the decision making process. Before and throughout the demo we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about applications for Rave Alert, how to populate its database and the features that make it so effective as a local text alert system.