K-12 School Safety Solutions

Kids in school raising hands

Providing peace of mind when seconds count.
Schools face emergencies almost every day, from coronavirus exposure scares to mental health emergencies to the unthinkable. Communication is key throughout any critical event.

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Kids in school raising hands

Today’s schools rely on trusted, public safety grade solutions to improve school safety.


Early Intervention

Text-to-tip technology enables crowdsourced student reporting of dangerous threats or bullying incidents.


Open Communication

Parents, staff and students can stay informed about general topics such as report card distribution or safety issues through notifications.


On-Site Coordination

Instant alerts can be sent to appropriate staff and 9-1-1 by activating a panic button app to coordinate next steps.


Emergency Response

Direct integration with 9-1-1 means incident details and location data can be immediately accessed by those arriving on scene.

Communicate before, during and after emergencies.

Should you evacuate the school or just issue a soft lockdown? Or do you just need the school nurse to administer an EpiPen? In any situation requiring immediate attention, your communication methods can truly make a difference.

With Rave, our lifesaving technology has proven to be a cost-effective way of improving the safety of everyone in your school community through mobile panic buttons, mass notifications and early intervention technology. Our platform ensures your staff is able to efficiently communicate to prevent dangerous incidents and respond faster to emergencies.

Your Back-to-School Solution


School Staff

Immediately notify 9-1-1, safety personnel and other school staff about an emergency so that they can take next steps, such as evacuating or sheltering in place.


Safety and Security

Understand the breadth of all critical situations on or near school property and initiate response and recovery procedures, such as staff and student status checks.


9-1-1/First Responders

Dispatch proper incident response resources and initiate real-time communication with school administrators and on-site staff, including requesting live-stream video of the scene.


Parents and Supporters

Be confident students have a positive learning environment and if an incident occurs, accurate information from an accredited source is provided.

Solutions for K-12 School Safety

Empower Early Intervention and Prevention

Avoid a situation where everyone knew, but nothing was done. With a text-to-tip technology, your school community can anonymously report suspicious behavior via discreet text messaging. Key school personnel can respond to any texts submitted in real time to collect additional information and details. Each report is logged for future access and reviewing trends and incident patterns over time.

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Communicate More Effectively

Keep your school community up-to-date on all types of events. Leverage an easy-to-use notification system to rapidly send parent notifications and schoolwide emergency alerts. Send regular communications by automating attendance notifications, low lunch balance alerts and report cards. Communicate more effectively with parents, students and staff members by sending notifications through email, voice, SMS text messages and social media.

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Enhance On-site Coordination for Emergencies

When a tragedy strikes, schools cannot afford a delay in notifying 9-1-1 and others on site. 9-1-1 serves as incident command and can dispatch proper resources to respond to the scene and initiate real-time communication with school personnel. Empower school staff to get immediate help and instantly provide 9-1-1 with incident details, floor plans and other key facility data. Appropriate personnel can also follow up with everyone on-site with next steps and conduct status checks.

Why Schools Need An App


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Concerns, Challenges and Planning for the 2021–2022 School Year 

To better understand the challenges educational institutions are facing around school safety and communication, Rave Mobile Safety fielded a survey of over 600 K-12 and higher education professionals from across the U.S.  

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Communication was a huge concern of mine. The school needs to simultaneously know that there’s an issue. In instances such as the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, people on the third floor of the building didn’t even know there was an active shooter, even though many 9-1-1 calls had already been placed.


Dr. Timothy Eagen

The utility of being able to communicate with our schools has grown well beyond what we originally considered. It has been used to notify schools officials of missing students, used when a teacher confronted an intruder on campus, and was used to push a message to school staff during a bomb threat.

Kurt Mills
Executive Director
SNOPAC 911 Communications Center, Washington

Our staff is excited to have the Rave Panic Button app to help them to immediately respond to incidents and improve response times.
Aztec Municipal Schools

Kirk Carpenter
Aztec Municipal School District Superintendent
San Juan County, New Mexico

We trust the Rave Panic Button app for instant communication with 9-1-1, first responders and school personnel during an emergency.
limestone county schools

Rusty Bates
Director of Transportation, Safety and Athletics
Limestone County School District, Alabama

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