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Keeping your staff informed 24/7 is vital, especially during a crisis.
Connect, communicate and ensure your employees are safe so you can keep operations going.

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Protect your staff anytime, anywhere.

Connect with Staff Everywhere

Connect With Staff Everywhere

No matter where your staff is — in the emergency room, a parking lot or a patient’s home — make sure they stay informed and notified of critical events through multimodal alerts.


Protect Your Traveling Workforce

Keep your traveling workers safe in real time through emergency notifications, a virtual escort via an employee safety app, two-way messaging and an incident management dashboard.


Minimize Staffing Shortages

Fill a staff shortage in a moment’s notice using automated notifications with quotas and follow-up messaging, to help staff handle the heightened level of demand, especially in emergency situations.

Keep your healthcare organization running smoothly.

Your hospital or healthcare facility encounters various challenges, both internally and externally, as you maintain business continuity 24/7. Every second counts when communicating with your staff, especially during a public health emergency or an adverse event.

Sending a message quickly and accurately to the right people can cut down on response times, whether your staff is on-site or on the road. 

Resolve ongoing understaffing, fill last-minute callouts, and provide safety and security to your healthcare community by effectively communicating with them wherever they are at anytime.

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Safety Officials

Ready your staff for any situation by keeping them informed of unfolding events through various communication channels. Enable them to provide you with more information through two-way communications or use an employee safety app to keep them secure everywhere they go.


Nurse Management

Understaffing affects the quality and speed of patient care. An automated polling process with quota polls, confirmation notices and follow-up messaging allows administrators to fill staffing needs in minutes.


Emergency Management

Preparedness means planning for any type of event. Immediately inform your healthcare community of unexpected events by leveraging an easy-to-use notification system to quickly send out alerts. Temporary visitors can also participate in your emergency plan and receive alerts by opting in through an SMS keyword.


Hospital Leadership

Overseeing the health and well-being of your entire organization and workforce is a constant challenge. An automated employee critical communication platform that easily adapts to any type of situation, from everyday occurrences to the unimaginable, saves time and improves efficiency.

Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Safeguard a Complex Environment

A mass notification system integrated with an employee safety app allows you to communicate with your personnel whether they’re on-site or at a patient’s home. Notifications can be sent out simultaneously through text, desktop alerts, sirens and more, all in three clicks from a single launch point. 

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Empower and Protect Your Staff 

Both healthcare organizations and their staff need to be ready for any kind of adverse event — a hurricane, a flu outbreak or a violent incident. With an employee safety app, staff can engage directly with designated departments, such as security or human resources. The anonymous tip technology increases engagement with your staff and encourages them to share timely, critical information, so your organization has better situational awareness.

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Save Time and Money on Staffing

Avoid the manual, time-consuming process of filling shifts through an automated polling module in your mass notification system.  Administrators could fill a staffing shortage within minutes by sending out a quota poll through text, email and voice calls. Your supervisors would be able to organize this information into reports to make informed decisions about shift management.

Cure the Staffing Burden

Recent Trends

Emergency Preparedness in Healthcare Report

A survey of over 300 respondents in various management roles in the healthcare industry reveals the top safety concerns and areas of focus in preparedness initiatives. 

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Disaster preparedness starts and ends with communication. Sometimes in healthcare that factor can be overlooked. With Rave, the ability to integrate with other systems has been a blessing for us when it comes to sending strategic key messaging. There’s so much necessary communication that would be incredibly hard to do if we didn’t have Rave.

Jonathan Arnburg
System Director of Emergency Management
Inova Health System

I am a happy customer who represents the largest healthcare employer in New York State with over 70K employees, 20+ hospitals and more than 600 physician practices. Despite losing 3 months of my planned project timeline due to the COVID19 shutdown, the Rave team did all they could to make sure we met our target deadline. They made the switch from our existing mass notification system seamless. They were attentive to our needs every step of the way.

NHEM (003)

Mark Swensen
Northwell Health Emergency Management

Healthcare systems are growing at an unprecedented rate and are expanding beyond hospital settings ...We now have hundreds of different departments and a mobile workforce that is moving to various sites throughout our system. They expect that their emergency communications are uniform and on their device of choice ...

Patrick Turek-785492-edited

Patrick Turek
System Director of Emergency Management,
Hartford HealthCare, Connecticut

During times of crisis, patients, employees and the larger community expect hospitals to maintain operations without any interruption. By using the Rave platform, our emergency communications process operates smoothly, quickly and with minimal intervention.

Kevin McGinty-1

Kevin McGinty
Safety and Emergency Management Coordinator,
Middlesex Hospital, Connecticut

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