Todd Piett, ENP – Chief Executive Officer

Todd Piett joined Rave in 2005 and today runs the global organization that has its technology deployed at thousands of colleges, universities, businesses and communities. Prior to joining Rave, Todd was responsible for launching new products for Unica Corporation where he helped drive their successful IPO. Previously, Todd was VP of Product and Marketing for iBelong, a portal provider targeting affinity organizations and a Program Manager at Dell Computer where he launched Dell’s branded ISP.

Todd graduated with honors from the United States Military Academy at West Point and holds an MBA from Harvard Business School. After graduation from West Point he served 7 years in the US Army as an aviation officer.

Todd Miller

Todd Miller – Chief Operating Officer

Todd Miller manages all field operations at Rave. Prior to joining Rave, Todd managed the self-service consulting Practice at Oracle where he was responsible for the delivery of customized software solutions for clients in North America, supporting millions of users. At Oracle he was awarded recognition as a member of Oracle’s top 10% in Consulting. Todd’s previous experience includes leading consulting teams for Siebel and edocs in North America, Europe, and Australia.

Todd is a graduate of Babson College.

Brad Rosenblum

Brad Rosenblum – Chief Financial Officer

Brad Rosenblum leads Finance, Human Resources, Facilities, Business Operations and Office Administration. Prior to joining Rave, Brad was the CFAO of the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center where he was responsible for managing significant growth in investments from $50M to over $650M and working with venture–backed and public companies. Previously, Brad was the CFO of Tizor Systems (acquired by Netezza) and EnvoyWorldWide (acquired by Varolii). He has held leadership positions at AstraZeneca, Thompson PBE, Retix, and Grant Thornton. Brad is a CPA and has earned a BBA from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst and an MBA from Boston University.

Brett Marceau

Brett Marceau – Vice President of Engineering

Brett Marceau is responsible for Rave’s development, quality assurance, and technical operations teams. Prior to joining Rave, Brett was a software architect/technical lead at Oracle where he was responsible for the architecture, design, and development of various applications. Previously, Brett was a software architect at eDocs where he designed, implemented, and consulted on the companies flag ship product and was also recognized as a key contributor during the Siebel acquisition. Earlier in his career, Brett held various software engineering, team lead, and consulting roles at EMC and Daly & Wolcott.

Brett holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Bentley College.

Sylvain Rollin

Sylvain Rollin – President, Rave Canada

Sylvain Rollin has over 30 years of experience in management, technology, and software development. As the President at RMS Software Inc. his responsibilities include providing the direction and leadership of all activities, including all technological developments, competitive technology analysis, project planning, application design and programming, R&D, business strategy and tactical goals.

In his previous roles at the executive level, Sylvain developed a strong knowledge and understanding of the evolution of technology and its trends, quality assurance, system stability and service delivery as well as developing solid relationships with other experts and vendors in the industry. His talent for pushing the limits in programming and his ability to consistently innovate have both propelled him into positions at the executive level for more than two decades.

Sylvain is a hands-on manager whose problem solving skills allow projects to push through difficulties and succeed. He mentors and develops talented teams, supporting personnel in implementation or performance issues, financial analyses or budgeting and knows to step in and take the lead when it is required.

Sylvain Rollin’s vision includes team spirit, innovation and most importantly quality.