Notify Groups in Seconds with This Kit

CovidResponseKit-SocialOrganizations across the world are bracing for impact as the coronavirus makes its way through thousands of communities. How do you help your community prevent the spread of this highly contagious virus? How do you communicate to hundreds of employees or citizens who might be self-quarantined? How do you keep track of your vulnerable populations who have medical conditions that make them susceptible to contracting COVID-19? 

Download the Coronavirus Response Kit and be ready to communicate the latest information to your community with resources, such as:

1. A visual guide on how to set up mass notification for your organization and leverage smart safety data for faster COVID-19 emergency response

2. Customizable coronavirus alert templates

3. A collection of articles outlining coronavirus best practices from top medical and scientific sources

4. A brochure on how to improve your response strategy, including how to manage quarantine wellness checks