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 summer smsIt’s the Summer, which means many college and university students have moved on to internships, jobs, and other off-campus pursuits. This period can be quiet on campus, and a college or university might scale down operations. The idea that the school is completely shut down, however, is usually a misconception. In addition to a full roster of summer courses, many schools host summer camps for students. These programs are frequented by high school students looking to explore college courses in a specific field, sports training programs using the athletic facilities, and day camps for younger children whose parents need childcare while school is not in session.

Camp programs will bring many types of people to the school grounds, depending on the facilities available and what the college’s other summer programming might be. For example, pre-college programs might have to contend with students taking summer courses for the use of certain facilities or resources. Either way, every college campus has the potential to bring many different types of students to camps, and safety officials have a responsibility to manage safety for guests and visitors.

Every college will have its own unique programming, and therefore unique safety risks. Worcester Polytechnic Institute hosts week long engineering and science camps, including a Summer STEM residential that brings students in 7-12th grade to learn from college professors and people working in the research field. The school also hosts pre-collegiate sports camps for students looking to learn from college coaches and sharpen their skills. These two programs are hosted on campus co-currently and house students in dorms, meaning the school has a unique communication challenge and needs a tool to communicate with the many guests.

If a college is a city school with a large student population and many summer camp offerings, there will be different challenges. For example, NYU offers a variety of pre-college institutes during the summer months. The university offers courses in over 30 academic areas, in everything from engineering to acting. When students travel from all over the world to take advantage of these college-level classes and are living in many types of dorm building spread out across the sprawling urban campus, the university needs an effective way to communicate across neighborhoods and fields of study.

During the Fall and Spring semesters, a mass notification system is essential for campus-wide communication. However, it can also be a powerful tool for managing safety among summer camp attendees. Regardless of whether a child is there for the day or a whole week overnight, students receiving alerts while they’re in a new environment could help both children and parents in case of emergencies.

SMS-Opt-In in For Summer Camp Offers Essential Updates

Most college campus’s already have a way of contacting students on a mass level during the school year, but many keep that system running for summer classes and to alert professors still on campus of any news around the area. College camps could utilize a temporary SMS opt-in for parents and children to sign up for during camp days. 

SMS Opt-In is an expansion of campus protections and communications. It let's members of the institution and visiting guests to opt-in to receive alerts using SMS and an assigned keyword for your institution. The keyword can be used for multiple events, such as various weeks of camp being held on campus, and there can be multiple keywords, should each individual summer camp program need its own. The tool will not only help solve the challenge of communicating with a large number of visiting guests on campus, it will also highlight the college or university's commitment to safety. Many of the students attending pre-college programs will be applying to schools, and if their time on campus felt safe, they're more likely to apply to and pursue their degree at that institution. 

The Versatility of SMS Notifications 

During the summer months, colleges face unique challenges. One major consideration is construction projects on campus, which can pose risks for both workers and visitors staying on site. By keeping visiting students informed of pending construction, visitors will know to avoid the potential dangers of the construction and the site will be able to conduct their work accordingly. It's also important for those working on the job to opt-in for the notifications, as in the case of severe weather or other threats on campus, these people will know the risks and keep safe. 

Despite the major scale of many pre-college programs, many K-12 programs run day camps that may use facilities on college campuses. Having an SMS opt-in would allow parents and even some of the older students with cellphones to get text message alerts regarding everything from the camp day to any incidents that may arise throughout the day. SMS opt- in is versatile and for a generation of kids who grew up using their personal devices, and getting a safety notification right to their phones could save their lives. 

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