Seaboard Foods Case Study Illustrates the Versatility of the Rave Platform

Seaboard Foods is a Fortune 500 company best known as the second largest pig producer and the fourth largest pork processor in the United States. However, the company also has cargo shipping, sugar production, and power generating operations that contribute to gross sales in excess of $6.8 billion per year.Due to the complexity of communicating with more than five thousand employees located across five states, in 2019 Seaboard Foods adopted the Rave platform as an effective means to deliver targeted emergency and nonemergency messaging to employees. Then the coronavirus pandemic started, and the company was forced to use the Rave platform in ways it had never envisaged.

Among many unexpected uses of the Rave platform during the pandemic, Seaboard Foods was able to communicate its free COVID-19 testing to employees, organize where and when the tests were conducted, and inform employees what they needed to do to get tested. The platform was also used to quickly notify employees who tested negative that they were clear to come to work.

In the event an employee had been in contact with a colleague who tested positive, the platform could communicate that they need to quarantine for fourteen days; and, from a management perspective, the platform's console provided operations managers with a single pane view of who was ill or self-quarantining and when they might be expected to return to work.

According to Alaina Sill – Seaboard Foods Talent Acquisition and Recruiting Manager – the platform saved the company hundreds of hours in contacting employees individually. She said: “there were over 700 people we needed to notify about whether they could resume work. It would have taken us so long to individually contact them that who knows when they actually would have returned.”

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Seaboard Food Extends Use of the Rave Platform

As the pandemic continued, the Rave platform was used to alert employees to cancelled shifts, inform them they didn't have to use paid time off when quarantining for COVID-19, and announce pay increases for employees who worked during the height of the virus. The use of the platform was subsequently extended to solicit employee feedback via companywide polls.

The effectiveness of Rave's polling capability inspired Sill to use the platform in the employee onboarding process. She now uses the platform to survey new workers during the first sixty days of their employment with Seaboard Foods, quickly identify areas for improvement, and overcome obstacles or concerns that may arise at any Seaboard Foods location.

Sill's message to other companies using the Rave platform is “don't limit yourself to what Rave can be used for''. For companies not yet using the Rave platform, Sill advises: “Anything and everything that you would communicate to an employee, use Rave. It’s so simple and so easy to use. It’s been more efficient and effective for getting info out very quickly to the people who need it.”

Read the Seaboard Foods case study today. Alternatively, if you have any questions about the ways in which the Rave platform can be used to enhance emergency and nonemergency corporate communication, do not hesitate to get in touch. Our team of safety experts will be happy to answer your questions and organize a demo of the Rave platform tailored to your specific requirements.

Seaboard Foods Case Study

Terri Mock
Terri Mock

Terri Mock is Rave's Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer, overseeing strategy, product, and marketing. She is an executive leader with achievements in delivering revenue growth, driving go-to-market, innovating products, and scaling operations from high-tech startups to global companies.

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