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May 28 2020

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. May 28, 2020–(BUSINESS WIRE) Rave Mobile Safety (Rave), the trusted provider of safety communications solutions, today announced its Coronavirus Recovery Solution to create a safe environment for returning workers and restoring business operations. Used by over 8,000 corporations, healthcare organizations, educational institutions and government agencies, the Rave Coronavirus Recovery Solution allows leaders to streamline communication workflows, conduct daily health checks, support individual wellness and engage with their organizations to facilitate the safe reopening of businesses and communities.

The CDC’s guidelines for reopening states that organizations will need to take measures for keeping people safe, including “practices for scaling up operations, safety actions (e.g., cleaning and disinfection, social distancing), monitoring possible reemergence of illness and maintaining health operations.” The Rave Coronavirus Recovery Solution enhances organizations’ ability to adhere to those guidelines by giving them a way to monitor health status and quickly communicate changes as the pandemic progresses.

Corporations, healthcare organizations, manufacturing facilities, universities, colleges and K-12 schools use Rave to prepare, respond and recover from the coronavirus as well as other business disruptions and safety threats.

Rave’s Coronavirus Recovery Solution enables organizations across all industries to:

  • Conduct health monitoring on the status of your workforce with a proven, reliable and quick-to-deploy solution that empowers strategic decision-making by key stakeholders
  • Support employees with personalized communications about COVID-19 resources, two-way chat for wellness concerns, as well as a channel for anonymous tips for unsafe behaviors
  • Reduce compliance liability with self-reporting on health status via mobile devices, symptom tracking, actionable alerts to limit exposure, and safety and social distancing protocols
  • Restore operations by ensuring shifts are fully staffed, and employees are clearly informed on guidelines for pandemic response, office openings and closures, and ongoing critical updates

Federal agencies, states, cities, counties, and public health and safety agencies also leverage Rave to safeguard the residents under their care and effectively manage critical situations, from the coronavirus pandemic to natural disasters, active shooters and daily emergencies.

Rave’s Coronavirus Recovery Solution enables federal, state and local governments and agencies to:

  • Protect at risk individuals by identifying vulnerable populations according to CDC guidelines, including individuals over 65 years old and those with pre-existing conditions
  • Conduct real-time monitoring of coronavirus impact with geospatial queries on resident-supplied data on quarantine and health status
  • Issue timely notifications to impacted individuals, target geographies and essential workers with secure, reliable and official communications on coronavirus guidelines and resources
  • Coordinate safety response across 9-1-1, first responders and emergency management to increase situational awareness and protect responder safety

“The key to a successful recovery is opening the economy with the right protocols and safety measures in place,” said Todd Piett, CEO, Rave Mobile Safety. “With Rave, public and private organizations, as well as government agencies have a proven solution to monitor health status and communicate ongoing critical decisions to protect the safety of employees and communities, and reopen businesses and public places to full operations.”

Rave’s Coronavirus Recovery Solution is available to support you today. To learn more, please visit:

About Rave Mobile Safety

Rave Mobile Safety is the leading provider of critical communication and collaboration technology used to save lives, manage crisis incidents and increase resiliency. From major disasters and crisis events to everyday emergencies and operational incidents, the Rave platform enables critical data sharing, mass notification and emergency response coordination. Over 8,000 first responder, emergency management, 9-1-1, and federal, state and local agencies—as well as corporations, healthcare organizations, universities and schools—all rely on Rave to prepare better, respond faster, recover quicker and mitigate anticipated critical incidents. Founded in 2004, Rave’s award-winning software solutions are backed by leading growth equity firm TCV. Let Rave enable you to do all you can todayTM to keep everyone safe. For more information, visit, read our company blog, and follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.