Rave SmartSave Award

Rave SmartSave Award

Save Resouces, Save Time,
Save Lives.

The Rave SmartSave Award is a great way to recognize and reward call takers and responders for being able to use Rave products, including Rave 911 Suite, Rave Panic Button, and Rave Guardian in any way that positively impacts a situation.Rave SmartSave Award winners will receive a certificate, a press release, their story published on our website and in social media (with permission) and either a catered award ceremony for their shift or an Amazon gift card.

Product Examples

Example situations

  • Smart911 Safety Profile: If the Safety Profile is used in any way, to provide information, confirm details with the caller, or needs to be referenced during the call or response.
  • Chat: With or without a Safety Profile, if Smart911Chat is used to communicate with the caller to facilitate dispatch and response.
  • Notes: If previous notes are utilized in order to assist in the dispatch and response.
  • Rave First Responder View: If a responder in the field is able to utilize the responder portal in order to assist in the response.

Nominate a dispatcher for their use of the Rave Facility tool during an emergency

Example situations

  •  If a facility profile pops up from a call
  •  When the facility database is used to search for details.

The Rave SmartSave Award honors call takers and responders for responding to Panic Button use and positively impacting the call. There is no limit to how many awards can be presented to an agency or individual in a given time frame.

The Rave SmartSave Award recognizes campus safety staff, police, and individuates for responding to Rave Guardian use and positively impacting the call. There is no limit to how many awards can be presented to an agency or individual in a given time frame.


  • If a student’s Rave Guardian timer goes off, and Campus Safety is able to assist.
  • When someone uses the Guardian app to submit a tip and positively impacts a situation.
  • Anytime student using their Guardian app to call campus or 9-1-1