As the expectations and needs of communities continue to grow, state and local governments are expected to do more with less.


Every state in the U.S has been impacted by at least one billion dollar disaster since 1980


An estimated 70% of 911 calls are placed from mobile phones, and that number is growing


Since 2013, there has been an average of one school shooting a week

How do you...


Support a large community with a finite set of resources


Partner and engage with your community to protect them from unforeseen risks


Improve call handling metrics and response times to keep your community safe

One Platform.

All Your Data and Communications for a Coordinated Response.

Scale Your Resources to Support Your Community

Stale and siloed data denies 9-1-1, emergency managers and first responders the crucial information they need to respond efficiently during an emergency.

With one online database, you can collect citizen provided data across agencies for immediate response, analysis, and planning.

There’s no limit to the number to users, messages, or recipients enabling every department in your community to leverage the database to send internal and external notifications.

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Case Study: How Five Communities Use Rave Alert 


Improve Call Handling Metrics and Response Times

The number of mobile calls, pocket dials, and hang ups are drastically wasting resources and negatively impacting call handling metrics and response times. With high turnover, vacancies, and low employee retention, call takers and first responders need technology that is easy to use, train and implement.

Technology designed to facilitate a faster response, not disrupt a workflow, ensures call takers and responders are able to meet and exceed the key metrics necessary to perform their duties.

Get the 911 call data insight you need


Generate Positive Media and Community Engagement

While the media can be your best partner for sharing and disseminating important community updates, they can also negatively portray your agency following an incident or mistake.

You can tap into the power of the media by empowering them to share your agency’s steps to improving community safety and preparedness.

With regular updates and success stories of your lifesaving technology implementation, the media will partner with your agency to share these powerful stories and become a partner in readying your community for known and unforeseen risks and disasters.

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“We proudly advocate for the Rave Platform because it results in a faster and more efficient response that has saved lives in our community.”

Increase Community and School Safety

Schools, churches, outdoor events. There is a growing number of soft targets in each of our communities. Delay in notifying 9-1-1 and on-site personnel of an emergency, slows down the resolution of any incidents putting your community’s safety at risk.

Technology today enables fast action by those on location at these soft targets to send in anonymous tips or trigger a panic button activation to 9-1-1 and on-site personnel. With this mobile technology, bystanders and staff on the front lines are able to prevent incidents or shorten their response time.

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Protect and Keep First Responders Safe

First responders put their lives on the line. Whether they are responding to a domestic violence incident, to an individual with mental health issues, or a fentanyl overdose, the more information they have before they arrive at the scene improves their situational awareness and could save their life.

Through additional text-from-911, facility profiles, and individual provided profiles, first responders can view critical information from the field and coordinate their response in in real-time.

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