Rave Eyewitness

Rave Eyewitness

Rave Eyewitness anonymous two-way tip texting provides instant links between concerned aware citizens and law enforcement. It’s a cost effective way to extend the reach of safety professionals – in cities, towns, campuses or schools.

  • Internet-based – No hardware or software installations and can be activated in a matter of hours.
  • Confidential and Anonymous – Gives tipsters anonymity. It removes hesitancy of working with authorities and encourages engagement.
  • Discrete and Safe – Tipsters can communicate with authorities without letting those in his/her vicinity in on the conversation, removing risk of retribution.

How It Works

All Rave Eyewitness communication takes place within the secure Rave Mobile Safety infrastructure. This ensures anonymity and guarantees performance. It also keeps a log of incoming tips available for future investigative retrieval.


A citizen sees suspicious activity and texts a message to your Rave Eyewitness ID number and gets confirmation that message was sent/received.

Public Safety officer is immediately notified via web-based internet and audio alarm.

Officer can respond and create a dialog using text.

Anonymous Tip Texting Works

Given the opportunity, citizens can and will get involved. At school, public events, or in their daily activities people will contribute to public safety. Rave Eyewitness is a proven method to connect citizens and law enforcement in positive productive ways.