Rave Eyewitness

In following up that anonymous tip,
officers made contact with (the perpetrator),
at which point he relinquished the weapon.
Chris Daniel

Rave Eyewitness:
2-Way Anonymous Tip Texting

Empower your people to be the eyes and ears of law enforcement

and help keep their community safe.

Anonymous tip text request to help baby jane doe

2-Way Anonymous Tip Texting

Solve Crimes Faster With Crowd Sourced Police Support

Rave Eyewitness improves community safety by providing individuals the technology to submit an anonymous tip to local authorities.

Tipsters can discreetly communicate with law enforcement via SMS. The anonymous tip technology enhances community engagement with authorities and eliminates individual risk of retribution.


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Rave Command View

Real-Time Common Operating Picture

This supervisor view allows you to clearly visualize all incoming tips on a secure, web-based map. The content for each anonymous tip is confidentially logged for future investigations.

No hardware or software installations are required, meaning agencies can immediately begin using the online tool to better protect their community.

Anonymous Tip Text Report and Analytics

Rave Admin View & Analytics

Powerful Reporting Improves Insight and Operability

The Rave Admin View shows your community’s use and incident patterns over time, providing deeper insight into the public’s needs.

Easily access key usage metrics and graphs illustrating the anonymous tip and event types over time, event audit trails, and more.

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