Rave GuardianTM

Connect and Engage with Your Organization Through a Custom-Branded Mobile App


Rave Guardian, the leading personal safety app, can help you build positive community relationships by engaging directly with your people through texting, confidential tips, location sharing, a call directory and a content portal.

Drive more engagement from younger generations with mobile apps and texting.

Solicit more need-to-know information through discreet and anonymous tips.


Easily share and make key information accessible via push notifications and a content directory.

Customize and Connect

Share information your organization wants to know in a way they want to receive it.
And collect information in a way they want to share it.

Confidential Tip Submission
Confidential Tip Submission

Prevent dangerous situations. With two-way discreet and confidential tips, User-initiated texting increases engagement and reports of suspicious behavior, unsafe situations, crimes and other hazards.

Geo-Targeted Push Notifications
Geo-Targeted Push Notifications

Increased alert precision. Geo-targeted push notifications allow you to target certain locations with specific alerts, even when users don’t have cell signals.

Call Directory
Call Directory

Easy-to-find assistance. Enable users to easily find assistance and resources through a call directory of important numbers that you can update and add to in real time.

Safety Timer
Safety Timer

Users never walk alone. The Safety Timer subsidizes your security program as a virtual escort and adds an extra layer of safety no matter where they’re located.

Content Portal
Content Portal

On-the-go resources. Emergency procedures, travel documents and other key resources can be shared with users in a configurable content library to help them stay safe and informed.

Emergency Call Button
Emergency Call Button

Help is on the way. With a push of a button, users can either directly connect to 9-1-1 or security in an emergency. When they dial 9-1-1 from the personal safety app, your security team is notified through the incident management console.

Richard S. Lapidus


Stony Brook Medicine

“Rave Guardian Campus Safety App allows our entire campus to be proactive about their safety and help keep themselves, as well as their friends, safer.”

Geo-Tagged Location Tracking

Route Tips to Proper Resources for a Better Response


Provide a Virtual Escort so Users Never Walk Alone

Personal Protection in a Just a Few Clicks

Reach Your Community with Geo-Targeted Alerts

Integrated with Rave Alert™ Mass Notification System

Geo-targeted Alerts

Not every alert requires you to notify your entire community.

If a user is traveling abroad or near a disaster, such as an active shooter, terrorist attack, localized weather threats or other regional hazards, you can identify those specific users and send them a targeted notification through the Rave Alert Mass Notification System.

Once they’re identified, you can communicate with them through two-way messaging to determine their status and develop action plans for a coordinated response.

If messaging data is down or at maximum capacity, users will still receive push notifications over Wi-Fi.





“Rave Guardian is a great tool to engage with students, and we utilize it successfully for campus safety. There are times when students may be more comfortable filing an anonymous report by hitting a button to contact the Office of Safety and Security, instead of face-to-face  interaction with a uniformed officer.”


Customize and Brand for Your Organization

Don’t like something? Change it.

Customize and Brand for Your Organization

You know your organization best. We leave the branding, icons and feature configuration up to you.

Don’t like something? Change it.

Rave Guardian can be customized to drive engagement and interaction specifically with your community. As you monitor the app interaction, you can make updates in real time.

You don’t need to push an update to the app store. Once you finalize your change, your users see it immediately.

Fully Integrated with Rave Alert™

Send Geo-targeted Alerts and More

Leverage Incident Management Tools and Reporting

See all Activity Through One Simple Dashboard

Incident Management

Through Rave Alert’s incident management dashboard, security can view Rave Guardian Safety Timer sessions, tip submissions, text messages, emergency calls and user locations, and immediately respond.

If a user contacts 9-1-1 through the app, your security team will be notified via the incident management console to coordinate any needed response.

Rave Guardian reports provide detailed real-time and historical reporting with key metrics and graphs showing tips, event types over time, and audit trails.

Security can gain insight into areas with repeated activity and develop proactive programs. Reports also establish a record that can be useful in incident management and after-action procedures.