Rave GuardianTM

Two-Way Critical Communications and Personal Safety App


Extend your safety umbrella to people worldwide using mobile phone technology. Rave Guardian offers 24/7 two-way connectivity between security resources and people exposed to risk wherever they are.

Security Resources

Connects people directly to an organization’s security resources with location data, tips submission, panic call buttons, and an automatic check-in safety timer.


Visually branded for your organization, the app will ask users to confirm their phones upon downloading and associate it with the appropriate organization.

Rave Guardian cases

Manage active Rave Guardian cases, tip submissions, emergency calls, and user locations through the web based Rave Dispatch View.

Mobile Guardian App

Connecting people directly to their organization’s security resources

Crowd Sourced Safety
Tip Texting:
Crowd Sourced Safety

With the tip submission feature, users can discreetly submit 2-way tips with text and images to report suspicious behavior, potential problems, and other hazards. Your security team receives geo-tagged tips in real time, allowing them to respond instantly with two-way messaging.

Emergency Call Button
Emergency Call Button

The Emergency Call Button is pre-configured for calls and text tips and dials your security department directly. Whenever someone connects with your security operations from their mobile phone, Rave Guardian automatically delivers the user-provided account information as well as their current location.

Automatic Check-in
Safety Timer:
Automatic Check-in

Rave Guardian’s Safety Timer gives users a virtual escort and keeps them safe and connected to your security operations. Users set their Safety Timer with a time and destination to confirm their safe arrival. While the Safety Timer is active, your security team can check the app user’s status and location.


As an added layer of security, app users can identify and add friends, colleagues, and safety personnel as Guardians. When a safety timer is active, selected Guardians can view user’s status updates and location. Guardians are notified of the safety window, updates, and timer expiration.

Richard S. Lapidus


Stony Brook Medicine

“Rave Guardian Campus Safety App allows our entire campus to be proactive about their safety and help keep themselves, as well as their friends, safer.”

Geo-Tagged Location Tracking

Geo-Tagged Location Tracking

Always connected, anywhere in the world


Emergency Alerts Expand Your Safety Net

Rave Alert™ mass notification system integration

Rave Dispatch View and Reporting Tools

Real-time reporting and communication with Rave Guardian app users

Rave Dispatch View and Reporting Tools

The Rave Dispatch View gives security teams detailed real-time reporting and communication with Rave Guardian app users. They can see Rave Guardian cases, tip submissions, emergency calls, and user locations and immediately respond.

Rave Guardian reports provide detailed real-time and historical reporting. Rave Guardian reports give security personnel online access to map-based call reporting data and analytics. Reports provide key metrics and graphs showing tips, event types over time, and audit trails.

Security teams can gain insight into areas with repeated activity and develop proactive programs. Reports also establish a record that can be useful in incident management and after action procedures.

Stephen Davis



“The student only had to press one button to connect with Campus Police… Rave Guardian was used to get to the scene quicker… Does Rave Guardian work? Absolutely. Do our students feel comfortable usingGuardian? Absolutely.”

Rave Guardian Advantages

Rave Guardian
Public safety grade technology, including geographically dispersed data centers, proven 99.99% availability
Proven technology used by thousands of safety organizations nationwide
Independent, 3rd party security audits
Integrated anonymous tip solution which does not require mobile app
Configurable options (turn on/off functions, customize tips)
Enterprise data integration options
Non-validated and validated states with phone confirmation
508 compliance testing and usability workshops
U.S. patented technology
Integrated with Rave Alert mass notification system
10+ years in public safety
Special view for first responders
Backed by industry leading 24x7x365 support
Actively engaged in public safety standards bodies