Rave Eyewitness Product

Rave Eyewitness

2-Way Anonymous Tip Texting

Rave Eyewitness, a two-way text messaging platform, increases participation in community policing efforts by enabling residents to be the eyes and ears of law enforcement. Empower your community and prevent crimes with the most widely-used anonymous tip software.

Through Rave Eyewitness your community can anonymously report crime and safety concerns via text messaging.
An officer can easily view tips in a web-based monitoring console and can respond and communicate with the tipster in real-time.
Rave Analytics displays usage and incident patterns over time, providing deeper insight into the public’s needs.

Real-time Web-based Monitoring Console

Reports are displayed on a continuously refreshing
web portal that is viewable by public safety.

On the real-time web-based monitoring console, the law enforcement officer is notified of every new tip submission. The officer can view the tip and respond with a message to gather more information from the tipster.

The conversations are displayed and logged in a threaded discussion.

Leverage sophisticated reporting for analysis and emergency planning.

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Improving Communications Speed and Corporate Resiliency

“In following up to that Rave Eyewitness tip, officers went to the residence hall, made contact with (the disgruntled resident) there, and had a discussion with him, at which point he relinquished the weapon.”

Powerful Reporting and Insight

Key usage metrics and graphs showing tip and event
types over time, event audit trails, and more

Rave Admin View and Analytics display all anonymous reports and discussion threads for future viewing or investigations.

With these reports, you can understand your community’s use and incident patterns over time, providing deeper insight into the community’s needs.

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Rave Eyewitness Benefits

Anonymous, Discreet, and Safe

Tipsters can discreetly communicate with law enforcement by discreetly sending their tip to a customized 5 digit shortcode.

The anonymous tip technology enhances community engagement with authorities and prevents community members from withholding timely, critical information due to hesitancy of engaging with the authorities.

Anonymous Tip Submissions with Rave Guardian App

Rave Eyewitness works seamlessly with the Rave Guardian Mobile App to provide one-button access to anonymous tip submissions.

Rave Guardian connects people directly to an organization’s security resources with location data, tips submission, panic call buttons, and an automatic check-in safety timer.

No Installation Required

Rave Eyewitness is a web-based software-as-a-service product. This means there is no hardware or software on premise installation. You can begin using Rave Eyewitness immediately to prevent crimes and better protect your community.

If questions arise, the Rave Customer Portal provides product features, best practices, and training resources and Rave offers a 24x7x365 live support emergency hotline