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A safer community is a connected community.
Leverage a single platform with integrated critical communication, data and response capabilities for safer communities.

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All your critical communications in one platform.


Drive Positive Resident Engagement 

through smarter community alerts and two-way communication.


Enhance Soft Target Safety

by identifying threats, enabling fast action, and shortening response times to reach the “All Clear” status. 


Optimize Emergency Response

 by verifying those most in need of help and sending the appropriate response resources.


Improve First Responder Situational Awareness

 by providing them with critical on-site data and real-time incident details.

Partner with your community to save lives.

Did you know you can collaborate across agencies to leverage all your data and communications for a coordinated response?

Rave’s scalable platform sends internal and external mass notifications and provides critical real-time incident information to 9-1-1 call takers and first responders. This helps communities continue increasing efficiency and protecting residents, visitors, vulnerable populations and first responders. 

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9-1-1/First Responders

9-1-1/First Responders

Improve 9-1-1 call outcomes by facilitating better call resolution and faster response through resident-provided information and mobile location data.


Emergency Managers

Scale your resources to identify, inform and protect access and functional needs populations during catastrophic events as well as post-event analysis and planning.


Local Government Officials

Set a powerful example for other communities by implementing lifesaving technology to prepare your community for known and unforeseen risks and disasters.

Critical Capabilities for Helping Your Community

Beyond Community Mass Notification

Improve community member engagement with community alerts that can leverage resident-provided data to send targeted messages and initiate two-way texting to get feedback during critical events.

How Stronger Communication Ensures a Safer Community

Mobile Soft Target Protection

Leverage mobile technology to enable fast action by staff and bystanders in soft target locations to send in anonymous tips or trigger a panic button activation to 9-1-1 and on-site security personnel.


Access and Functional Needs Registry

Help emergency managers understand the individual needs in their community and enable faster communication during a disaster with a web-based, resident-provided access and functional needs registry.

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Enhanced Situational Awareness Data

Equip first responders with accurate site details, such as floor plans, utility shutoff locations, hazardous material and AED locations during 9-1-1 calls, and as part of a searchable critical infrastructure database.



7 Tips to Help You Identify and Notify Your At-Risk Population

This guide shares best practices and tools to help community leaders identify, engage and collaborate with at-risk populations, especially when an emergency strikes.


We proudly advocate for the Rave platform because it results in a faster and more efficient response that has saved lives in our community.
Grand Traverse Central Dispatch_v2

Leah Hornacek
Deputy Director
Grand Traverse Central Dispatch, Michigan

Being able to message the community quickly and accurately was invaluable during a missing person case when every minute counts.
Chippewa County MI

Michelle Robins
9-1-1 Professional
Chippewa County, Michigan

The flexibility of Rave's solution gave us all peace of mind when more than half a million individuals came into the city for the Kentucky Derby. We trust the solution to aid us in day-to-day communications, large sale events and everything in between."


Mitchell Burmeister
Public Information Officer
Louisville Metro Emergency Services, Kentucky

In state government, there are essential employees that need to work around the clock, regardless of the weather. Rave Alert has been a great asset for us to be able to get out a clear, concise message in a short amount of time to multiple state agencies and employees that are vital to state government.
SC Bureau of Protectice Services_v2

Major Matthew P. Calhoun
Assistant Chief

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