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Connecting your Computer-Aided Dispatch Data
with Rave Aware

Rave Aware is a cost-effective, secure and interoperable solution for public safety agencies to share data, speed response and collaborate on incidents across jurisdictions.

Incidents Cross Boundaries


Public safety and emergency response are collaborative by nature. Rave Aware gives 9-1-1 dispatch, first responders and other emergency service agencies the situational awareness and information they need to respond more quickly, collaboratively and cohesively to critical incidents. By increasing the level of response coordination and data sharing to an emergency, 9-1-1 call centers and emergency response agencies, including fire, EMS, police and major urban fusion centers are better able to protect the caller, the responders and their community.

Incidents do not stay within one jurisdictional boundary. Whether a mental health situation, active assailant, or fire, there are many moving parts. Rave Aware allows you to give advanced notice, allocate resources, and communicate better with surrounding jurisdictions. Directly within the Rave platform, provide visibility and share relevant information like never before by seamlessly interacting across jurisdictions.

  • Increase situational awareness
  • Improve first responder safety
  • Reduce time transferring calls or incident data between agencies


The Next Generation of CAD Data Sharing


Rave Aware is a secure cloud-based data aggregation platform that allows agencies to publish real-time CAD incident data in their preferred format for rules-based processing, notifications and permission-based, cross-agency sharing.

Increasingly agencies recognize the need to seamlessly share situational intelligence across agency boundaries to speed response times, reduce crime and improve responder safety. However, critical emergency response is often hampered by existing technology solutions.

There are many different CAD systems and versions in use today. Data definitions vary across systems with no commonly adopted format. Legacy systems do not support modern interfaces. Point-to-point CAD integrations are costly and fragile, breaking when an agency upgrades or modifies a component. Disparate systems are not compatible or interoperable, resulting in limited visibility across agencies.

Rave Aware allows for effective data sharing, and does not require point-to-point connections between disparate CAD systems or third-party tools. CAD incident data can be shared between agencies and across jurisdictions, no matter what CAD they use, and each agency sees data in their own format and terms.

Extended Dispatch Workflows


  • Automatically trigger multi-step follow up events
  • Utilize rules and automation for standard operating procedures
  • Coordinate communication between multiple parties

Situational Awareness


  • Provide visibility between different agencies to always have full context of an incident
  • Stay aware of what is happening around you and what others are doing
  • Automatically determine and transmit the geographic location of a vehicle

CAD Data Sharing


  • View and share live data feeds for real-time visibility
  • Request and send first responders where they need to be
  • Publish real-time CAD for neighbors

Rave Aware – A Hub and Spoke Model

Rave Aware uses a “hub-and-spoke” model to simplify integration and lower total cost of ownership for each 9-1-1 call center involved. Agencies are able to overcome the barriers of data silos and disparate systems to quickly and effectively share incident data to ensure a rapid and coordinated response. This means fewer connections, only one data mapping, and no breakage when others change systems. Rave Aware provides visibility across the entire sharing network as well as the ability to “query” for incidents. There is no dependence on a single agency to host and manage data. This difference also means that the solution does not break when a single node/agency breaks their integration, like point-to-point CAD integrations do.

Situational Awareness

Prepare first-responders for all types of scenarios such as major fires that require mutual aid from other jurisdictions, weather events that include evacuations or numerous simultaneous rescues and transportation incidents that close a highway linking multiple jurisdictions.


Incident Notifications

Flag incidents of particular interest to Supervisors, Chiefs and real-time crime centers such as shots fired, events happening near critical infrastructure or recurring violent incidents at a specific location.

Dispatch Workflows

Create custom workflows for mental health incidents that require a co-response, or complex callouts requiring supervisor follow-up, such as for missing persons, bomb threats, multi-alarm fires and transportation interruptions.


Benefits of Rave Aware

Improved first responder safety and increased situational awareness for incidents across jurisdictions, such as a multi-alarm fire, major interstate crash, active string of crimes, severe weather, active pursuit of wanted person, missing person search and more

Reduced time transferring calls and incident data between agencies leveraging system interoperability instead of manual time-intensive processes

Best-in-class speed, deliverability and reliability of call-out notifications via SMS, voice, email or applications based on automated rules leveraging any elements in the CAD incident data

Support for expanded or alternate dispatch workflows, including mental health or domestic violence incidents

Lower total cost of ownership with cloud-based hosting and each agency managing a single secure connection to a data hub instead of fragile CAD-to-CAD integrations

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