Smart911 Honors Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month


Service Enhances Emergency Response to Bring Help to Those with Alzheimer’s and Peace-of-mind to Families

The impact of Alzheimer’s is far-reaching; nearly 5.4 million Americans now have the disease. In support of National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month, Smart911, a national safety database, aims to offer assistance to those with Alzheimer’s and bring additional peace-of-mind to their families.

Smart911 recognizes the specific needs that those affected by Alzheimer’s face on a daily basis. An individual with Alzheimer’s may wander away from home or have difficulty remembering such basic details as their address or medications. Family members and caregivers often spend time preparing for the possibility of an emergency. In these situations, seconds and minutes can count, and Smart911 brings a new level of support and reassurance to those with Alzheimer’s and their families.

Smart911 allows families to create a free, private and secure Safety Profile at which can include any information they want 9-1-1 to have in the event of an emergency. The profile is then delivered automatically to the 9-1-1call-taker when an emergency call is made. Details in a Safety Profile allow 9-1-1 to have a better understanding of a situation and can be passed on to emergency response teams in the field to help support fast, precise action.

Should someone with Alzheimer’s dial 9-1-1 and be unable to remember personal information, their Safety Profile can provide details such as a name, exact address, medical notes and emergency contacts. If they wander away from home and a family member or caretaker dials 9-1-1 from a phone number included in the profile, a photo can be immediately distributed to emergency responders to expedite a search. Police can also be made aware that a person has Alzheimer’s and approach them accordingly.

A Smart911 Safety Profile is private, secure and only available to call-takers during an emergency call. Smart911 now helps emergency responders in 26 states and more than 300 municipalities to protect millions. Because it is a national system, once a Safety Profile has been created, it can be delivered with an emergency call in any area of the country if the local 9-1-1 call center is supported by Smart911.

Smart911 is offered by Rave Mobile Safety, the trusted software partner for campus and public safety. It is supported by leading public safety and health officials, as well as advocacy groups. Among its many honors and awards, Smart911 recently received the “Parent Tested Parent Approved Winner’s Seal of Approval.”

“Emergencies pose particular risks for those with Alzheimer’s and take an emotional toll on family members,” said Tom Axbey, president and CEO of Rave Mobile Safety. “Smart911 can make a big difference if someone goes missing or becomes confused when they need help. Taking a few minutes today to create a Safety Profile gives emergency responders a real advantage – increasing their effectiveness and saving valuable time – helping all to avoid unnecessary tragedy in the future.”

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