“Shots Fired” Call Causes EKU Emergency Notifications


The investigation continues into a weekend report of “shots fired” in downtown Richmond that led to the arrest of five people.


Four adults from Lexington and a juvenile were apprehended after being stopped on the Eastern Kentucky University campus.  All were arrested on drug charges.  But, Madison County Deputy Sheriff Michael Stotts says it’s not been determined if the gunshots were related to a drug transaction.

There were no reported injuries.  In addition to drugs, Stotts says an assault rifle was recovered from the pickup truck.  EKU officials sent out four emergency alerts to the campus community in the early morning hours Sunday.  “Anything in Richmond is basically close to campus, but it wasn’t believed that it was just right outside campus.  It was believed it was in the north second street area, which would have been just north of downtown,” said Stotts.

The deputy sheriff says Eastern’s RAVE system serves an important purpose, “It enhances safety and anything that enhances safety of the citizens of Madison County, Richmond, EKU students, it’s going to be a good thing.”

The suspects, a 19-year-old, three 18-year-olds, and a juvenile
are from Lexington.   All face drug charges.   In addition to a small amount of drugs, an assault rifle was also recovered from the stopped vehicle.



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