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How First Responders are Assisting Those in Mental Health Crises

October 20, 2021 shareRead Article

How administrators can address mental health and physical safety this fall

October 19, 2021 shareRead Article

How to Update Corporate Safety Practices in the Wake of COVID-19

October 15, 2021 shareRead Article

UC Police honored for their efforts in improving public safety

October 6, 2021 shareRead Article

Reassessing corporate safety practices for the new normal

September 29, 2021 shareRead Article

Preparation Is Key To Improving Corporate Safety In Today’s Environment

September 24, 2021 shareRead Article

How campus emergency managers cut through chaos during a crisis

September 22, 2021 shareRead Article


September 21, 2021 shareRead Article

Rave Partner Program Offers New Opportunities for VARs, SIs, Technology Partners

August 20, 2021 shareRead Article

Best emergency response practices ahead of severe weather season

August 17, 2021 shareRead Article

Cutting through the Noise: How to Overcome Alert Fatigue as Schools Reopen

August 1, 2021 shareRead Article

10 Red Flags That Psychological Safety Is Lacking In Your Workplace

June 13, 2021 shareRead Article

How governments can keep employees safe as they return to work

June 11, 2021 shareRead Article

Americans Concerned about Mental Health and Want Public Safety Agencies to Improve Response to Mental Health Crises

May 17, 2021 shareRead Article

5 minutes with Todd Miller – How to build community trust for better public safety

May 17, 2021 shareRead Article

Otus Collaborates with Rave Mobile Safety to Support Digital Report Card Distribution to Families

May 3, 2021 shareRead Article

Survey Finds COVID-19, Student Mental Health Are Top School, Higher Ed Safety Concerns

April 30, 2021 shareRead Article

Police1 Shares Rave Mobile Safety to celebrate Smart911 Day on April 30

April 29, 2021 shareRead Article

EMS1 Shares Rave Mobile Safety to celebrate Smart911 Day on April 30

April 29, 2021 shareRead Article

Fire Rescue1 Shares Rave Mobile Safety to celebrate Smart911 Day on April 30

April 29, 2021 shareRead Article

Rave, GeoComm Partner to Provide Better Quality Data to Public-Safety Agencies

April 13, 2021 shareRead Article

Survey finds low level of trust in local officials as COVID vaccines rollout

April 2, 2021 shareRead Article

Survey: Politicians Should Move Aside, Let Public Safety Talk

February 18, 2021 shareRead Article

Why New Survey That Shows Low Public Confidence In States To Distribute Covid-19 Vaccine Is A Wake-Up Call For Business Leaders

February 4, 2021 shareRead Article

After a tumultuous 2020, how tech can help LE with the challenges ahead

February 2, 2021 shareRead Article


January 5, 2021 shareRead Article

Security Technology Panic Buttons Aren’t Just for Active Shooters

November 9, 2020 shareRead Article

Navigating hurricane season and COVID-19 through communication

October 30, 2020 shareRead Article

Rave Mobile Safety Launches Rave Collaborate for Tactical Incident Collaboration

October 30, 2020 shareRead Article

How Businesses Can Become Full Participants In The New Era Of Workplace Safety

October 23, 2020 shareRead Article

Rave Mobile Safety launches Rave Collaborate for tactical incident collaboration

October 21, 2020 shareRead Article

New Mexico Adopts Rave Panic Button to Improve School Safety

October 7, 2020 shareRead Article

New Mexico Adopts Rave Mobile Safety Panic Button to Improve School Safety

October 6, 2020 shareRead Article

RapidDeploy Enters into Agreements with Google, OnStar, ADT, Priority Dispatch and Rave Mobile Safety to Transform U.S. Emergency Response Systems

September 16, 2020 shareRead Article

3 Ways Manufacturers Can Improve Employee Safety Amid the Pandemic

September 15, 2020 shareRead Article

Using Workplace Communication to Stay Informed and Safe

September 14, 2020 shareRead Article

5 ways colleges can bolster emergency notifications

September 11, 2020 shareRead Article

New Data Reveals Schools’ Top Safety Concerns about Campus Reopenings

August 21, 2020 shareRead Article

New Virginia Beach 911 system allows residents to create safety profile with details needed in an emergency

August 12, 2020 shareRead Article

In­for­mation from Smart911 App Can Help Dodge County Dis­patchers Save Lives

July 23, 2020 shareRead Article

Verizon’s IAB Plans to Provide Faster 5G Deployment, Remote 5G Coverage for Responders

July 14, 2020 shareRead Article

Verizon develops 5G-enabled EMS solutions with its fourth First Responder Lab

July 9, 2020 shareRead Article

Why Flexible School Safety Technologies are Important – Especially Now

June 16, 2020 shareRead Article

Rave Coronavirus Recovery Solution Simplifies Campus Reopenings

June 6, 2020 shareRead Article

Rave Mobile Safety Returns to Compete in 2020 ‘ASTORS’ Awards

May 25, 2020 shareRead Article

Civic tech startups step up to serve local governments during coronavirus

May 14, 2020 shareRead Article

Emergency communications predictions for a post-COVID world

May 7, 2020 shareRead Article

How an Oklahoma School District is Reducing Emergency Response Times

May 1, 2020 shareRead Article

Coronavirus Business Tracker: How The Private Sector Is Fighting The COVID-19 Pandemic

April 1, 2020 shareRead Article

Orleans Parish Communication District Announces Launch of TXT29-1-1 (Text-to-911) and Smart911 Technology

March 26, 2020 shareRead Article

Suffolk accepting calls to make appointments for coronavirus testing site

March 17, 2020 shareRead Article

Coronavirus: How Local Officials and Emergency Managers Respond

February 27, 2020 shareRead Article

SC State campus safety director: New app turns smartphone into personal safety device

February 24, 2020 shareRead Article

Message Received: Technologies Have Changed in the Industry For the Better

February 1, 2020 shareRead Article

Predictions: Safety and Security Trends for 2020 and Beyond

January 31, 2020 shareRead Article

How Better Emergency Communications Can Address the Nursing Mental Health Crisis

December 6, 2019 shareRead Article

‘Alyssa’s Law,’ named after Parkland victim, would mandate panic alarms in Florida’s public schools

December 5, 2019 shareRead Article

Four Lessons The Enterprise Can Learn From School Safety Initiatives

December 5, 2019 shareRead Article

Kids safety apps help parents, schools keep children safe

November 16, 2019 shareRead Article

15 Nuggets Of Wisdom For Junior Tech Executives Facing A Devastating Hack

November 7, 2019 shareRead Article

New tool to be used to report behaviors including bullying in Arkansas public schools

October 25, 2019 shareRead Article

Inside Rave Mobile Safety, Interview with Todd Piett, Chief Executive Officer

October 24, 2019 shareRead Article

Multi Rave Mobile Safety Nominations Compete in 2019 ‘ASTORS’ Awards

October 2, 2019 shareRead Article

How Personalization Tech Can Close The Gap Between Emergency Responders And The People They Serve

September 27, 2019 shareRead Article

Emergency Response App Available to Oklahoma Schools

September 26, 2019 shareRead Article

Preparing for Active Shooters with Safety Technology

September 16, 2019 shareRead Article

Louisiana teachers to have access to ‘panic button’ app

August 29, 2019 shareRead Article

Swatting Is a Deadly Problem – Here’s The Solution

August 22, 2019 shareRead Article

Crisis Communication: Getting into that Operational Rhythm

August 15, 2019 shareRead Article

Rave Guardian Among the 2019 Campus Safety BEST Award Winners

August 7, 2019 shareRead Article

Rave Mobile Safety unveils support for live video streaming

June 26, 2019 shareRead Article

School safety conference: why districts are adding technology and 911 apps

June 25, 2019 shareRead Article

Rave Adds Live Streaming Video to Emergency & Public Safety Solutions

June 17, 2019 shareRead Article

Virtual reality program may empower police to better understand mental illness

June 5, 2019 shareRead Article

Glencoe introduces Smart911 service, encourages residents to create profile

May 13, 2019 shareRead Article

Wilmette police launch new 911 cell phone program that provides responders with instant information

May 9, 2019 shareRead Article

Rave Mobile Safety scores majority investment from equity firm TCV

April 25, 2019 shareRead Article

Northeast Oregon District Rolls Out Emergency Alert App for Teachers

April 24, 2019 shareRead Article

Hot Springs Village first responders – when every moment counts

March 26, 2019 shareRead Article

Police: Lake Bluff’s new Smart 911 more help for residents

March 25, 2019 shareRead Article

Cybersecurity is a top safety issue for healthcare facilities

March 14, 2019 shareRead Article

Answering the call: Family of late teen advocates for changes to 911 system

March 13, 2019 shareRead Article

Workplace Emergency Planning is Shifting, But Employees Don’t Feel It’s a Priority

February 26, 2019 shareRead Article

How Self-Dispatch Can Slow Down Emergency Response & Create Additional Safety Risks

February 25, 2019 shareRead Article

Improvements to Charleston County’s 911 system could get help to callers faster

February 4, 2019 shareRead Article

Smart911 Emergency program is successfully being used in community

February 4, 2019 shareRead Article

Elgin’s Smart911 app offers quick access to information

January 31, 2019 shareRead Article

San Juan County high schools first in state to get panic button app

January 24, 2019 shareRead Article

DRI International releases 2019 Awards of Excellence shortlist

January 15, 2019 shareRead Article

Rave Adds SwiftReach Infrastructure to Emerg Communication Network

January 1, 2019 shareRead Article

Acquisition boosts Rave mass notification capabilities

December 26, 2018 shareRead Article

How Leveraging New Technologies In The Workplace Will Enhance Its Security

December 19, 2018 shareRead Article

A Growing Response to School Shootings: Panic Buttons — on Phones

December 13, 2018 shareRead Article

DC schools launch new panic button app to alert first responders in crisis situations

December 6, 2018 shareRead Article

Saline County announces new Rave emergency notification system

December 5, 2018 shareRead Article

County alert message helps locate missing Alzheimer’s patient

November 28, 2018 shareRead Article

Hospital Leaders Feel Underprepared for Cybersecurity Threats

November 16, 2018 shareRead Article

County Sheriff new app to speed up school shooting response

November 16, 2018 shareRead Article

Rave Mobile Safety survey shows discrepancies of in-hospital emergencies and preparedness plans in place

November 2, 2018 shareRead Article

Healthcare Cybersecurity Is a Top Safety Issue for Hospital Pros

October 24, 2018 shareRead Article

Mobile App to Help 911 Callers Deliver Information to Dispatchers in Chenango County, N.Y.

October 24, 2018 shareRead Article

Univ. of Missouri-St. Louis Implements Safety App ‘Rave Guardian’

October 24, 2018 shareRead Article

City And Plush Family Encourage People To Sign Up For Smart911

October 16, 2018 shareRead Article

Hancock County schools connect with first responders with panic button app

October 9, 2018 shareRead Article

Chautauqua County Unveils Smart 911 Cell Phone App

September 13, 2018 shareRead Article

Virtual panic button adds new level of security to local school district

September 5, 2018 shareRead Article

New ‘Panic Button’ app alerts first responders in seconds

September 5, 2018 shareRead Article

Rave Mobile CEO On The Price Of Safety In The “Me Too” Era

August 29, 2018 shareRead Article

High school tests panic-button app in active-shooter drill

August 21, 2018 shareRead Article

Springfield 911 enhances call handling from Uber passengers

August 20, 2018 shareRead Article

New 911 System Provides Butler County, Ohio, with Lifesaving Data

August 20, 2018 shareRead Article

Hoke County practices response to school shooter and enlists hi-tech help

August 20, 2018 shareRead Article

Safety benefits in their hip pocket’: How a smartphone app is helping protect Drake and UI students

August 15, 2018 shareRead Article

Schools Across the Midlands Implementing New Safety Features This Year

August 15, 2018 shareRead Article

Parents of teen who died in a minivan advocate for upgrades to 911 system

August 8, 2018 shareRead Article

Rave Panic Button wins STAR award; Baltz moves to implement SROs statewide

August 8, 2018 shareRead Article

Norman police announce new alert system for residents, visitors

August 7, 2018 shareRead Article

Nassau libraries to use panic button app for emergency situations

July 30, 2018 shareRead Article

Arkansas’ school ‘panic button’ program given award

July 25, 2018 shareRead Article

Suffolk County, N.Y., Schools to Get Access to Threat Reporting App

July 24, 2018 shareRead Article

City launches Smart911 system in response to teen’s death

July 13, 2018 shareRead Article

Cincinnati implements new 911 system after death of Ohio teen

July 13, 2018 shareRead Article

Busy Sante Fe, N.M., 911 Center to See Millions in Tech Upgrades

July 9, 2018 shareRead Article

Rave Guardian Expands Messaging App Support, Integrates with Rave Alert

June 29, 2018 shareRead Article

Rave Guardian Enhancements Increase College Campus Safety

June 27, 2018 shareRead Article

Technology Improves Notification, Intelligence In Active Shooter Events

June 13, 2018 shareRead Article

Worried about an active shooter at USC? Here is how to prepare for the worst

June 6, 2018 shareRead Article

Campuses Fail to Use Full Extent of Mass Notification Systems, Survey Says

June 5, 2018 shareRead Article

Panic button’ app deployed at 27 school buildings in New Castle County, Red Clay district

June 1, 2018 shareRead Article

Rave Mobile Safety: A Communication Platform for When Seconds Matter Most

May 30, 2018 shareRead Article

Countywide Smart911 system allows residents to create profile regarding their health conditions

May 28, 2018 shareRead Article

Text to 9-1-1 Improves Situational Awareness in Hostage Situation

May 18, 2018 shareRead Article

Top cops: Aim to ID potential shooters before they strike

May 18, 2018 shareRead Article

Smart emergency system proves successful when boy calls 911 to report grandma’s collapse

May 15, 2018 shareRead Article

Peoria Police Department to use Smart911 to help first responders

May 6, 2018 shareRead Article

Culpeper County Virginia Unveils Rave Mobile Safety Smart911

May 1, 2018 shareRead Article

School Security Benefits From Advanced Communication Technology

April 27, 2018 shareRead Article

Hamilton County’s new emergency alerts, Smart911 promise better service tor residents

April 9, 2018 shareRead Article

Three Reasons Why You Should Automate Your Emergency Response Technology

April 6, 2018 shareRead Article

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