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IntraLogic Solutions, Inc. (ILS), a leading school security developer and integrator, and Rave Mobile Safety (Rave), the trusted creator of innovative public safety data and communication software, today announced a partnership to develop an integrated service offering that will benefit both schools and first responders during crises situations, including ones involving active shooters. The new solution will combine Rave’s Panic Button application and 9-1-1 data delivery capabilities with IntraLogic’s robust video surveillance, interactive rich digital floor plans, One Button LockDown and access control technology. This combined solution will allow first responders full access to critical information about a situation from any location, including while en route via a secure, mobile broadband connection.

Research has shown active shooter situations are often over within minutes, so it is critical for authorities to be notified and dispatched quickly, as well as for school employees to be able to take immediate action. When first responders arrive on scene with greater intelligence about the situation, outcomes are improved. Rave and ILS have drawn upon their combined experience protecting thousands of school campuses across the country to create a robust, easy-to-use, integrated security technology that will greatly improve emergency response capabilities.

With the press of a button, Rave Panic Button enables school personnel to instantly contact 9-1-1 and school authorities and inform them of a crisis, whether it be a life-threatening medical condition, a fire, active shooter or other emergency situation. Leveraging Rave Panic Button’s 9-1-1 data delivery capabilities, which features precise caller location including speed and direction of travel, IntraLogic’s technology will then provide first responders with greater intelligence such as video surveillance, digital floor plans and detailed maps of the facility, and remote access control – all before they even arrive on scene. This patent-pending One-Button Lockdown, will also enable facilities to secure all doors with a single click.

“Partnering with IntraLogic Solutions will allow us to create powerful new technology that will improve the outcomes of emergency situations in our schools,” said Tom Axbey, chief executive officer of Rave Mobile Safety. “IntraLogic brings a wealth of experience in school security and delivering on-site video analytics and highly detailed, digital campus maps. Together, we will provide mutual customers with the ability to dramatically improve emergency and crisis response situations.”

“Rave Mobile Safety has a strong reputation with its clients and in the security industry. We share with them a common philosophy of creating and implementing the latest and best of breed technology to secure our clients facilities, staff members, students and communities.,” said Lee Mandel, CEO of Intralogic Solutions. “At a time when security concerns at schools and other facilities are on the rise, new technology and approaches are needed. By integrating Rave’s technology into our solutions and platform, we will provide a unique breadth of security and safety capabilities for schools and other institutions.”

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