Incident Management System

Incident management systemAn incident management system is a combination of equipment, personnel, procedures and communications that work together in an emergency to react, understand and respond. Each of the four factors is necessary in order for an incident management system to be effective.

To maximize the effectiveness of an incident management system, it is important those whose responsibility it is to react, understand and respond, have access as much relevant data as possible about the incident in the shortest possible time. Saving time saves lives.

This is where Rave Mobile Safety’s powerful data and communication tools can be invaluable. Each can be used as an element of an incident management system, or the components combined to prepare better, respond faster and communicate more effectively during emergencies.

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Coronavirus COVID-19 Incident Management 

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The current coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak is a very different type of emergency - and one that demands both effective communication and effective management due to the volume of inaccurate information being distributed through social media the unprecedented nature of the emergency.

Although this particular emergency carries a high level of personal responsibility, schools, universities, businesses, and state and local governments - which are most often regarded as reliable sources of information - have an important role to play in keeping communities informed and safe.

Rave Mobile Safety's suit of communication solutions are ideal for coronavirus COVID-19 incident management as they can be used to educate people on the safest possible sources of action, alert communities to localized outbreaks, and provide information on when, where, and how individuals should seek medical assistance.

For organizations wanting to check on the wellbeing of self-isolating citizens, students, or employees, Rave Alert's geo-poll capability can help you keep in touch with large groups of people remotely in order to identify those in need of assistance. This capability also has advantages for businesses, who can use it to solicit staff availability for vacant shifts caused by other employees self-isolating.

Tools to Save Time and Save Lives

Rave Mobile Safety provides a suite of powerful data and communication tools to save time and save lives. From tools that provide additional caller data for faster, more effective response, to tools that provide real-time situational awareness and can prevent incidents from further escalating.

Our tools can help maximize the effectiveness of community, business and school incident management systems, enhance personal safety in healthcare facilities and on college campuses, and contribute towards the rapid dispatch of assistance to individuals in need of help.

We have listed below a selection of our tools to save time and save lives below. If you feel any of these can help improve the effectiveness of your incident management system, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information or to schedule a free demo of our tools in action.


Preparedness is Key to Effective Incident Management

Imagine a scenario in which before first responders arrive at the scene of an emergency, they have access to interactive maps of the location detailing the best access points, utility shut-offs points, CCTV, and accurate information about any hazards they may encounter.

As well as this information, first responders have details of the individuals, employees or students who may be within the danger zone and their health profiles – detailing any special needs or mobility issues. Furthermore, first responders can communicate with the individuals or groups of individuals.

This is the nature of information that can facilitate the most effective reaction, understanding and response in an emergency situation, and is the nature of information first responders can access via the Rave Prepare and Smart911 tools.

Effective Communication in an Emergency Situation

Two of Rave Mobile Safety´s incident management system tools facilitate effective communication in an emergency situation – Rave Alert and Rave911. Both support two-way communication between those involved in the emergency and key personnel to provide real time situational awareness.

Rave Alert is an omnichannel emergency notification system that can be used to provide timely warnings of emergency incidents and, during an incident, keep system administrators in touch with groups of individuals, employees or students via voice, SMS messaging and email.

Rave911 enables emergency call takers to initiate two-way SMS messaging with mobile phone callers for better handling, dispatching and responding to emergency calls. SMS messaging is proven to be especially effective in dangerous situations in which the caller is unable to talk.

Personal Safety in Multiple Use Cases

In healthcare facilities and college campuses – and many other locations – the personal safety of employees, students and individuals can often be placed at risk. In these situations, Rave Mobile Safety´s tools can help accelerate response times – potentially saving lives.

Rave Guardian is a geo-tagged smartphone app that enables individuals to text tips to system administrators when they see something suspicious, use a safety timer to advise guardians of their late arrival at a destination, or call 911 or onsite security with the press of a button.

The Rave Panic Button performs a similar function inasmuch as it instantly and simultaneously communicates an emergency situation to 911, on-site security personnel and others within the sender´s notification group – delivering critical response data and shortening response times.

The Benefits of our Incident Management System Tools

In addition to better preparing first responders for the emergency incident they will be asked to deal with and enhancing personal safety, Rave Mobile Safety´s tools to maximize the effectiveness of an incident management system have multiple benefits for communities, businesses and schools.

Our incident management system tools proactively engage those who use them in security and safety, they improve the visibility into potential risks, minimize disruption by improving incident management, and facilitate effective communications before during and after an incident.


Who provides site information for first responders?

Site information is uploaded and maintained by the facility (i.e. business, school, university, etc.). In addition to access points, utility shut-off points, CCTV access, and potential hazards, facilities can upload floor plans, gate key codes, AED locations and contact details for key personnel. Naturally it is recommended the information is updated regularly and after any significant change.

Who provides personnel information for first responders?

Personnel information can be uploaded onto Rave Prepare by the facility or provided by individuals through the Smart911 service. Although the Smart911 service can provide first responders with more details about individuals, it should only be used in locations where the service is provided by the local authority. You can check here if Smart911 is supported in your area.

How does the Rave Panic Button shorten response times?

The Rave Panic Button is a mobile app consisting of “buttons” dedicated to different emergency services (fire, medical, active assailant, etc.). As soon as one the buttons is activated, 9-1-1 call dispatchers are aware of the nature and location of the emergency, saving valuable minutes between receiving a 9-1-1 call and dispatching an emergency response.

How does Rave Guardian´s safety timer feature work?

Before using Rave Guardian´s safety timer feature, you nominate friends and/or a security team to be notified in the event of an emergency. Then, when starting a journey, you input where you are leaving from and are where you are going, and set the timer for the length of time the journey should take. When you reach your destination safely, you deactivate the timer. If the timer is not deactivated before it reaches zero, your nominated friends and/or security team are notified immediately. 

Can Rave Mobile Safety´s incident management system be integrated with other systems?

Certainly. For example, Rave Alert is compatible with the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP), the IPAWS-Open system, and WEB-EOC emergency management system. Our emergency notification system can also be integrated with digital signage, public address, and CCTV systems. TO find out if our incident management system is compatible with existing solutions used in your facility, do not hesitate to contact us.

If you would like to see why, contact us today for an informal discussion about your current incident management system. Our technicians will select the tool(s) that would best maximize its effectiveness and organize a free demo at a time that is convenient to you and those with whom you may share a responsibility to react, understand and respond.