Incident Management Examples

There are many different incident management examples in which Rave Mobile Safety products have helped protect against, inform of, and resolve serious incidents. Whether they are in a community, a school, or a business, the following incident management examples demonstrate the uses to which Rave Mobile Safety products can be put.

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Incident Management Examples

Rave Alert Protects Students during Shooting at Purdue University

In January 2014, a twenty-three year old teaching assistant walked into a basement classroom in the Electrical Engineering Department of Purdue University, Indiana, and shot a colleague dead. Within minutes of the shooting, 50,000 people in the Purdue community received a “Shelter-in-Place” alert message dispatched by Rave Alert. The gunman gave himself up to police and the situation was resolved without further bloodshed.

Following the event, students said they were grateful for the notification system being in place and the university´s fast action. Speaking with the press, Purdue student Becca Goff said: “Without the [Rave Alert] notifications, I’m not sure how I would have known what was going on.” Her opinion was mirrored by fellow student Rachel Casey, who said: “It just feels good knowing that they [Purdue] have a solid emergency response strategy that will keep us safe and informed when we need it most.”

Rave Alert and Smart911 Work Well Together in Bay County, MI

In October 2015, Bay County in Michigan launched its “BAY Alerts” emergency notification system using a combination of Rave Alert and (from June 2016) Smart911. Although having access to the IPAWS system, community leaders believed a more versatile system of mass communication was necessary in order to keep residents better informed during an emergency. In the press release announcing the launch, Ryan Mantz – Bay County Emergency Management Coordinator – said:

“This initiative addresses the primary concerns of not only keeping people safe, but keeping people informed during an emergency. This is one of the tools that 911 has to augment other notification systems, such as outdoor warning sirens and the Emergency Alert System, through which emergency information can be shared with our residents.” Mantz also commented that residents can choose to sign-up for additional notifications of road closures and traffic alerts.

Rave Eyewitness Contributes towards Successful Murder Prosecution

In June 2015, the body of a three-year-old girl was found inside a trash bag on the Boston Harbor shoreline. Unable to identify the body, Massachusetts State Police launched a state-wide appeal for help identifying “Baby Doe” and used Rave Eyewitness to collate the responses. “All we want to do is identify this child and someone out there can do it with one phone call or one text,” stated Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel F. Conley.

After eighty-five days, the three-year-old girl was identified as Bella Bond. Police questioned the girl´s mother – Rachelle Bond – and she and her boyfriend were subsequently arrested. Bond was subsequently convicted of being an accessory to murder, while her former boyfriend was sent to prison for life by Judge Janet Sanders for the second-degree murder of the little girl. The prosecution of the murderer may never have happened had it not been for Rave Eyewitness.

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