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Improve emergency preparedness by keeping residents informed of non-emergency or critical events through mass notification.

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The Country's Leading Mass Notification Solution

Discover the mass notification solution proven to help government agencies deliver critical messages.


Expand Your Reach

Send messages via text, email, voice, IPAWS, WebEOC, public address systems, social media, digital signage, Smart911 app and more with an easy-to-use interface, from any Internet-connected device.


Enhance Communications

Improve internal and external communication by leveraging a FedRAMP-authorized mass notification system. Choose as many administrators or lists you need to send unlimited targeted messages.


Trust in Message Delivery

Use SAFETY Act-certified technology tested daily by thousands of agencies, businesses, universities, hospitals and communities. Public safety grade infrastructure ensures top performance and delivery. 

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Rave provides a critical communication and collaboration platform for your government employees to allow 9-1-1, first responders and emergency management to connect with your community and coordinate incident response.

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