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Hancock County Ensures Community Safety During Severe Weather Through Rave Platform

Indiana’s Hancock County experiences a range of severe weather conditions. Administrators send alerts through Rave's critical communication solution.

Coconino County Enhances Response Collaboration Through the Rave Platform

Learn how Coconino County is leveraging the Rave platform for severe weather disasters and COVID-19 vaccination effort.

Wayne County, New York

For victims of domestic violence, making a verbal phone call to emergency personnel is not always possible during an incident, resulting in many disconnected calls to 9-1-1.

Stony Brook Medicine Relies on Rave Alert During Superstorm Sandy

For a 48-hour period throughout Superstorm Sandy, the Stony Brook Medicine hospital experienced a campus-wide network outage. Several emergency issues transpired, including a gunpoint robbery, and essential hospital staff needed to be communicated with.

San Juan County, New Mexico

A tragic school shooting at Aztec High School in San Juan County, New Mexico left the entire community reeling. Rave Panic Button was soon added to their schools safety system.

Seattle Harnesses Rave Alert for Internal Employee Notifications

In the City of Seattle, Washington, Rave Alert isn’t just used to notify the community about events or emergencies that may impact them. It’s also used to communicate internally among teams.

Rave Alert Helps Chippewa Locate Missing Man

In Chippewa County, Michigan, an elderly man with dementia went missing. Thanks to Rave Alert, the community was able to locate the missing man in 30 minutes.

Eaton County Sends Geo-Targeted Alert

Eaton County was looking for a solution to target particular parts of the community, but how can you communicate effectively when your community has drastically different needs, interests and daily routines?

Rave Alert Facilitates Critical Communication During Hurricane

When Hurricane Florence hit South Carolina, many residents were advised to evacuate. Safety officials deployed Rave Alert notifications to 3,500 employees with instructions in order to stay safe.

North Andover Messages Residents During Gas Explosions

When a series of gas explosions ignited fires in homes throughout the region, the towns of Andover, North Andover, and the city of Lawrence relied on Rave Alert to send evacuation messages to residents.

Key Text Anonymous Tips Led to Solved Case And Arrests

This tragic story is a powerful example of how crowd-sourced information and tools like Rave Eyewitness can be used to solve major crimes and play a key role in restoring safety to communities.

Rave Assists Seaboard Foods During COVID-19 Outbreak & Beyond

As the coronavirus pandemic swept the country, Seaboard Foods found a way to proactively share critical health and safety information with employees.

Rancho Santiago Community College District Switches to Rave Alert for Faster Notifications During Campus-Wide Disasters

The Canyon 2 Fires broke out near its Santiago Canyon College campus and evacuation orders were sent to the campus community, using the Rave Alert mass notification system.

When Purdue University Sent a Crucial Active Shooter Alert Message

After a teacher's assistant was shot on campus at Purdue University, student and staff devices across campus lit up as the active shooter alert message went out from Campus Safety.

New Jersey Courts Leverages Rave Alert Daily and During Superstorm Sandy

In August 2009 the New Jersey Judiciary implemented Rave Alert from Rave Mobile Safety. With no technical support necessary, the hosted system was up in running days after contracting.

Nassau County Protects 200,000 Students with Rave Panic Button

In seconds, Rave Panic Button immediately and clearly communicates an emergency to all on-site personnel, staff, and security. This ensures your facility can rapidly initiate lockdowns, evacuations, or other emergency responses.

Missouri S&T Strengthens Campus Safety Through Community Police, Rave Guardian

Discover how Missouri S&T uses Rave Guardian to effectively communicate and engage its campus community.

How One Manufacturer Uses the Rave Platform for Critical Communication

When this manufacturing facility adopted the Rave platform, the location’s environmental health and safety manager found that the solution instantly enhanced the company’s critical communication capabilities.

Lord Fairfax Community College Makes a “Seamless” Switch to Rave Alert

Lord Fairfax Community College (LFCC) transitioned to Rave Alert, taking LFCC’s mass notification system to “the next level” and making a “seamless” switch in a few hours.

Locating a Missing Person in Chippewa County, MI

Chippewa County needed the sharp eyes of its community to help locate an elderly man with dementia when he wandered away from his home. Rave Alert was used to send mass notifications to the community enlisting their help in the search.

Lifesaving Domestic Violence Incident Response in Grove City, OH

Due to the current limitations in the 9-1-1 infrastructure for mobile calls, Grove City sought a solution that would empower 9-1-1 operators with innovative technology.

Leveraging Employee Emergency Notifications at Michigan State University Federal Credit Union

The Michigan State University Federal Credit Union (MSUFCU) recognized the need for an employee emergency notification system for emergencies and Rave Alert was there to help.

Inova Health System Implements Rave Collaborate for Streamlined Emergency Response

Rave Collaborate seamlessly integrated with Inova’s existing emergency notification system (Rave Alert) and its ease of use minimized the amount of time it took to train his team.

Improving Communications Speed and Resiliency for a Multi-National Organization

The division of a large multi-national consumer goods manufacturer selected Rave Alert to improve their ability to rapidly communicate information.

9-1-1 Information Saved a Man From Burning Home

In Traverse City, Michigan, Dan Hoffman's 9-1-1 call could not be understood. Smart911 was able to locate him and saved his life.

Resident Assisted Friend In Danger

In Kern County, California, a 9-1-1 call came in from a resident who reported her friend was being held against her will inside her own home. 911 SMS messaging helped resolve the situation.

Silent Communication Protected a Family in Fearsome Situation

In Grove City, Ohio, a 9-1-1 call came into Police that was immediately disconnected. The dispatcher used SMS text messaging to find out from the caller that they were unable to speak for an important reason.

School Safety and Security in Seminole County, FL

When Seminole County Public Schools District passed school safety management to the Sherriff's department, Captain Rick Francis knew he had to improve their communication system.

Distressed Caller Found When Location Services Were Down

In Carson City, Nevada, a man was driving late at night alone got into an accident, injuring himself. Unaware of where he was, Rave 911 Suite was able to locate him.

How a Lockdown in School Prevented Another Shooting Tragedy in Arkansas

In Marion, Arkansas, a local high school prevented a shooting tragedy by running a lockdown in school triggered by a new safety technology.

Hurricane Crisis Communication at Medical University of South Carolina

In September 2018, South Carolina was preparing for Hurricane Florence. The crisis communication team at the Medical University of South Carolina implemented its response plan using Rave's Mass Notification System.

Hatch Valley Public School District

Hatch Valley Public School District’s had to find a way to protect their teachers, staff, and students after returning to in-person learning. They chose to rely on the Rave Panic Button app to meet their needs.

Seamless Rave Panic Button Implementation Helps Kings Park, NY School District Respond to Emergencies

There’s no way education administrators can know when an emergency will occur in one of their schools. Rave Panic Button helps improve emergency response when the unexpected occurs.

Greeneville City Schools Bolster Community Engagement Through Rave Amid COVID-19

As Greeneville City Schools left for spring break in mid-March 2020, school leaders had every intention of returning to the classroom the following week. But as COVID-19 rapidly swept through the area, the decision to move to virtual learning was quickly made.

Smart911 Safety Profile & Text-from-911 Helps Divert Domestic Violence Incident

Kent County, Michigan’s use of Rave 911 Suite enabled one call taker to learn more information about a hang-up, leading to a response that helped save a woman from danger.

Rave Alert’s SMS Opt-In Helps Virginia Beach Notify Festival Attendees

With Rave Alert, known in Virginia Beach as VBAlert, festival attendees in Virginia Beach had the option of texting a keyword to a short code that would automatically sign them up for emergency alerts.

University of Cincinnati Uses Rave Guardian and Rave Alert to Maximize Safety

The University of Cincinnati’s Department of Public Safety has invested in a range of initiatives to protect students, faculty, staff and visitors.

Rave Panic Button Helps Safely Evacuate School During Gas Leak in Snohomish County, WA

When a massive gas leak occurred right next to North Lake Middle School in Snohomish County, WA, the Rave Panic Button was able to help communicate important information to ensure the safety of the students.

Florida’s Sumter County Enhances Community and School Safety Through the Rave Platform

The Sumter County Communications Center’s 9-1-1 team handles around 57,000 calls a year, averaging about 167 calls a day. Fully integrating the Rave 911 Suite has been their solution to meet their 911 response needs.

Eaton County Public School Uses Rave Panic Button to Rapidly Respond to Weapon on Campus

In Eaton County, Michigan, a student reports that a classmate has a weapon. Using Rave Panic Button, the school notified 9-1-1, informed staff of the emergency and went into lockdown mode in under three minutes.

University of South Carolina Uses Rave Guardian to Maximize Safety

Along with campus safety personnel, higher education institutions have implemented comprehensive safety systems, including emergency call boxes, self-defense workshops, alcohol/drug awareness classes and mobile safety apps.

Surviving a Heart Attack: The Story of Bringing a Heart Back to Life

When it comes to surviving a heart attack, every second counts. The speed of response time can mean the difference between life and death. Smart911 cut time off of John Nettle's 911 call, saving his life.

Downtown Dallas Inc. Keeps Bustling Community Safe Through Rave Alert

The City of Dallas uses Rave Alert to notify their downtown commercial property owners, operators and facility and security personnel of incidents, who in turn alert their employees, residents and others.

Springfield, MA Locates Mobile Callers with Increased Accuracy Thanks to Rave’s RapidSOS Integration

Outdated 9-1-1 infrastructure built for landlines means it’s not easy to accurately pinpoint the whereabouts of someone who has called 9-1-1 with an emergency. Rave's RapidSOS integration has helped 9-1-1 call centers solve this age old problem.

Denver Health and Hospital Authority

Keeping business operations going at hospitals is vital for their patients and the communities they reside in. Through Rave Alert, Denver Health administrators are able to send notifications to their entire network.

Iowa Department of Homeland Security & Emergency Management (HSEMD) Implements the Rave Platform

What happened? What agencies and/or departments need to be involved? How do they communicate and collaborate as the situation evolves? How are residents notified? Receive updates? HSEMD uses Rave Alert to answer these questions.

Syracuse University Enhances Campus Safety Through “Seamless Integration” with the Rave Platform

Ensuring an entire campus community is safe, informed and engaged is a complex undertaking for colleges and universities. Learn how Syracuse uses Rave to address these issues.

Rave Helps Trinity Management Share Critical Information During Coronavirus Pandemic

Trinity Management’s Roxbury Tenants of Harvard (RTH) community includes 1,110 units spread over 13 acres in Boston. Communicating with every resident presents unique challenges.

Cook County, Ill., Emergency Personnel Speeds Up Response Time with Rave Platform

The Cook County Sheriff’s 9-1-1 Center uses Rave 9-1-1 Suite to notify first responders about potential COVID-19 exposures before they reach the scene.

Concordia University Leverages Rave to Swiftly Respond to COVID-19 Outbreak

When COVID-19 hit, Concordia University needed an innovative way to engage all 46,000 students and over 6,000 staff, so they turned to Rave.

Concise Communication in Eaton County, MI

Eaton County, Michigan residents only receive notifications about incidents that directly impact them thanks to county officials’ innovative use of Rave Alert.

Clinton School District, Mississippi

Can one solution meet the unique safety needs of different schools? Two elementary school principals in Clinton, Mississippi found out they could using Rave Panic Button.

University of Central Florida

Game day at Spectrum Stadium is packed every weekend with students and fans flocking to the Orlando campus of the University of Central Florida (UCF). Learn how UCF keeps everyone at the game safe.

University of Central Florida Keeps Campus Safe Through Hurricane Irma with Rave Alert

The University of Central Florida selected Rave Alert as its mass notification system. Rave Alert email and text notifications are sent to students, faculty, employees and other non-UCF entities working on campus.

University of South Florida Keeps More Than 66,000 Community Members Safe During Severe Weather Through Rave Alert

South Florida weather can be deadly. Hurricanes and tornadoes generally strike between June–November, while major thunderstorms and lightning occur from the spring to the fall.

William Paterson University

When William Paterson University of New Jersey made the switch to the Rave mass notification system, it was about protecting everyone on campus, including temporary visitors through the SMS Opt-In feature.

Rancho Santiago Community College

In the fall of 2017, Rancho Santiago Community College used Rave Alert to send out messages telling their students and faculty to evacuate due to a wildfire.

SNOPAC 9-1-1 Leverages Rave Panic Button to Locate Missing Children

Concerned about the increase in active shooters in schools around the country, SNOPAC 9-1-1 Emergency Communications selected Rave Panic Button to increase the speed of notifications and emergency response.

Fluor Federal Petroleum Operations

Fluor upgraded WebEOC and integrated Rave Alert and ESRI mapping to create an updated, automated, efficient system that was easy to use and simplified information input and sharing.

911 Call Taker Uses Shortcut to Save Man from Fire

What happens when you call 9-1-1 but are unable to tell them what’s wrong? How can you make sure first responders have enough information to help you?

University of South Florida, How a Text Stopped a School Shooting

When a student was reported to have a firearm in a dorm room at the University of South Florida, the University Police were able to intervene before anyone was hurt thanks to an anonymous tip submitted by a student.

Archdiocese of Baltimore Catholic Schools

The SwiftK12 notification system helps administrators at the Archdiocese of Baltimore Catholic Schools efficiently communicate with teachers, staff and parents.

Ottawa County, Michigan

Ottawa County, Michigan's 911 operators understand the limitations of technology, as anywhere from 10% to 95% of 911 callers are located. Find out how they adapted to improve their emergency response.

Blue Bird Corporation

Blue Bird, school bus manufacturers, was looking for innovative ways to increase workplace safety and engage their employees, that's where Rave came in.