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Reinforcing Our Culture of Safety: How AstraZeneca Launched Mass Communications as a Force Multiplier

Learn how AstraZeneca transformed its emergency response with Rave Mobile Safety's technologies, improving communication, reducing response times, and ensuring employee safety.

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Putting Power in the Hands of the People with an Emergency Information App

Learn how the City of Chicago uses the AppArmor emergency communication app to keep residents safe and provide emergency preparedness information.

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Mitigating Chaos with Real-Time, Streamlined Emergency Communication Tools

Eaton County uses Rave Alert to send mass notifications to community members in the event of an urgent local situation. Learn how the alerts improve community safety.

A New Model for Community Crisis Response

By collecting and analyzing data using tools like Rave Mobile Safety's AppArmor, DCSP optimizes its resources to make the community safer.

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An Easy-to-Manage Emergency Response System Makes a More Efficient and Effective Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic's senior global security analyst found that a safety communication app is key to efficient healthcare emergency management. See how they did it with AppArmor.

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Building a Culture of Resiliency Across Higher Education and Healthcare

The AppArmor customizable mobile safety app can help organizations, schools and healthcare providers improve emergency preparedness and increase safety.

The University of Vermont campus

Informing the Community of Impending Weather and Other Emergencies at the University of Vermont

The University of Vermont uses Rave to inform their entire campus community of quick turning severe weather and critical incidents no matter their location.

Oklahoma’s Norman Public Schools Protect School Community by Leveraging Rave Mobile Safety to Enhance Communication

Oklahoma’s Norman Public Schools prioritize the protection of their entire school community by leveraging Rave to save time and enhance communication during emergencies.

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Middlesex Health Uses the Rave Critical Safety Solution to Protect Nurses From Workplace Violence

Middlesex Health was searching for ways to improve the safety of nurses who travel offsite to deliver at-home care.

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Rio Rancho Public Schools Enhance Safety Through Rave

Students, teachers, staff and school leaders are now on campuses across Rio Rancho Public Schools. As part of their return, the Rio Rancho Public Schools Safety & Security Department is rolling out the Rave Panic Button app to all staff members.

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Hancock County Ensures Community Safety During Severe Weather Through Rave Platform

Indiana’s Hancock County experiences a range of severe weather conditions. Administrators send alerts through Rave's critical communication solution.

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Coconino County Enhances Response Collaboration Through the Rave Platform

Learn how Coconino County is leveraging the Rave platform for severe weather disasters and COVID-19 vaccination effort.

Trusted by Thousands of Organizations

Thousands of customers trust Rave to help protect their employees, students, and residents. Our customers include some of the largest communities, most respected companies, and best known colleges and universities in the world.

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