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What will the New Workplace Landscape look like?

In March, the COVID-19 pandemic forced employers across the United States to rethink workplace protocol and invest in safety strategies to prevent the spread of the disease. Many businesses transitioned to a remote workforce, requiring employees to be outfitted with remote technology and communication capability. Other industries requiring an in-person workforce took active steps to promote social distancing on the job and have required employees to practice appropriate hygiene measures, such as frequent hand-washing and mask-wearing.

Now, with some areas of the country facing a surge in cases and others opting for a tentative reopening, employers will have to remain nimble and make key decisions about the best path forward. The constantly changing risk-environment amid COVID-19 requires a clear communications plan, and technology can play a major role in managing employee health and safety, regardless of whether employees are working on-site, remote, or traveling. 

Navigating the new workplace landscape after coronavirus requires proactive changes on behalf of employers - de-densification of corporate space, moratoriums on staff meetings or social events, increased sanitation efforts, compulsory PPE, and regular temperature checks are likely to become the new normal. Businesses will need to maintain frequent, clear communications regarding these health and safety efforts, whether workers are in the office, performing duties on the factory floor, traveling for work, or continuing to work remote. 

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Business managers should be operating with an abundance of caution, making preventative changes to workplace settings, and maintaining clear communications. The COVID-19 pandemic is unlikely to wane in the coming months, and workplaces should have a reliable, sustainable emergency communication plan in place. Employers can’t afford to get lost in the landscape of post-coronavirus communication or engagement, and by investing in the right solution can implement a variety of strategies, including targeted alerts, routine wellness checks, and instant access to updated safety policies. 

Navigating the New Workplace Landscape: What To Know

COVID-19 has changed the nature of work for the foreseeable future. While each industry and business will have unique communication needs, a coronavirus response solution can help employers reach and engage with workers across departments. Given the ever-shifting nature of the pandemic - which may require frequent updates to safety protocol or daily operational changes - a communications strategy has never been more important. Our "Navigating the New Workplace Landscape” infographic helps break down the essential communication strategies you can use to reach employees and keep them safe, regardless of their job responsibilities. 

Navigating-Workplace-COVID-Cover-1GET THE INFOGRAPHIC: Navigating the New Workplace Landscape

In-Office Employees

  • Targeted emergency and non-communication alerts delivered via their preferred communication channel keep all employees updated on new workplace protocol, from regular temperature checks, PPE expectations, and social distancing measures 
  • Providing the ability to easily report health status to supervisors, as well as inquire about healthcare status and seeking care
  • Giving employees access to important documents as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to develop, including safety policies or expectations, resources, and more vital information. 

Remote Employees

  • Two-way communications that enable employees to respond quickly to wellness checks and confidentially report health or safety concerns via an anonymous two-way tip texting system. 
  • Consistent office updates such as reopenings or virtual company-wide meetings to ensure all employees feel connected and informed 
  • Access to important documents regarding COVID-19 protocol, safety policies or expectations, and resources. 

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Employees In Manufacturing 

  • Targeted emergency or non-emergency communications via their preferred communications channel, allowing managers to communicate with individual departments or roles on the factory floor amid changes 
  • Automated schedule updates and the ability to fill shifts quickly 
  • Ability for workers to easily provide updates about their health status before entering the building, or following a routine temperature check 

Traveling Employees 

  • Through an employee safety app, workers can access a virtual escort as they safely arrive at their destinations. 
  • Two-way communications that help workers call for help or for employers to check-in, regardless of location 
  • Ability to receive vital information and alerts based on location or role, as well as universal access to important documents regarding protocol, safety policies or expectations, and resources, no matter what the person’s location 

Organizations can continue to leverage a coronavirus response solution to maximize employee safety amid the COVID-19 pandemic with a corporate coronavirus response solution. By leveraging a comprehensive mass notification system and integrated employee safety app, employers can communicate and collect critical information across an organization.

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Both of these tools can be leveraged to implement proactive communication measures outlined in the above infographic, improving your response posture and mitigating ongoing coronavirus risks for all workers. Discover which capabilities of a coronavirus response solution can help you to address the communications needs of your employees. 

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Mary Kate McGrath
Mary Kate McGrath

Mary Kate is a content specialist and social media manager for the Rave Mobile Safety team. She writes about public safety for the state & local and education spheres.

Navigating the New Workplace Landscape

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