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What We're Talking About This Week - September 27th

In The News 

Uber is making changes amid a swarm of criticism about rider safety, allowing on-trip reporting of incidents such as erratic driving or invasive questioning. Campus Safety Magazine compiled a list of the 10 most common hospital emergency codes and their meanings, which allow personnel to respond quickly and appropriately to various incidents. Higher education institutions are leveraging real-time data analytics to keep students safe, using data sensors to advance college campuses' approach to physical security on campus. California awards grants to develop new firefighting technology, creating two vendor contracts for  prototype solutions for wildfire detection and predictive modeling. Bipartisan school safety bill would establish information database, including reccomendations from professionals on school safety. 

Key Points: 

  • In the wake of mass shootings across the nation, U.S. Senators David Perdue (R-GA) and Doug Jones (D-AL) have introduced the School Safety Clearinghouse Act, which would make recommendations for how to improve school security and design.
  • The federally-funded clearinghouse would be managed by the Department of Homeland Security and include recommendations from engineers, architects, first responders, building security experts and mental health advocates. 
  • It would not advocate for specific technologies or tools or impose any mandates on school districts. 
  • Daniel Domenech, the executive director of the School Superintendents Association, added that "creating a one-stop shop for school safety building design is exactly the kind of work that the federal government is well positioned to do to enhance school safety."  

This Week From The Rave Team 

Read some of the stories our writers were most excited to share with you this week. To access all of our stories, check out our blog.

OSHA Issued Wildfire Policy For Corporations

firefighterAmid climate change and the “new normal”, a comprehensive safety plan that accounts for wildfire risks is essential for any business in an area susceptible to wildfires. In November of 2018, OSHA issued a new wildfire policy for corporations to better protect individuals from health and safety risks, including how to implement appropriate evacuation orders and plan for smoke hazards. Cal/OSHA also formalized an emergency regulation titled “Protection From Wildfire Smoke”, which aims to protect both indoor and outdoor workers from smoke exposure. The legislation requires employers to check the workplace Air Quality Index, and communicate any potential risks to employees.


What are Common Communication Systems in Healthcare?

communication systems in healthcare - doctors using ipadThere are many different types of communication systems in healthcare, and many different ways in which they are used. Expanding on every type of healthcare communication system in one place would be impractical, so in this blog we'll focus on the three most common uses of electronic communication systems in healthcare. These include electronic healthcare information management systems, provider-to-provider management systems, and provider-to-patient management systems. 


National Bullying Prevention Month - Top Resources on Bullying

girl being bulliedOctober is National Bullying Prevention Month. Yearly, K-12 schools and organizations work together to encourage schools, communities, and organizations to work together to stop bullying and cyberbullying by raising awareness of the impact of all forms of bullying. With bullying and cyberbullying incidents on the rise, it’s important that schools make an effort to take action against bullies. We’ve compiled bullying resources such as websites and organizations, bullying legislation, LGBTQ initiatives, programs, curricula, and technologies that can help educators tackle bullying in school.


Rave In The News 

State Representative Michael Gottlieb, (D-District 98) has filed legislation to pass Alyssa’s Law, which would put a panic alarm in Florida schools. He said the intent of the alarm is to allow a teacher or school employee to be able to communicate directly with law enforcement in the event of an active shooter or other emergency, decreasing response time. Rave Mobile Safety produces a smartphone application that is used in several Florida counties including Leon, Seminole, Brevard and Sarasota as well as Oklahoma, Louisiana, Delaware, Arkansas and the District of Columbia to protect schools. Chief Operating Officer Todd Miller said if someone presses the active shooter button in the app a call is made directly to 911 and important information is relayed to authorities like who is calling, their location and, if possible, floor plans and emergency response plans for the school. Miller said the app also immediately notifies other key stakeholders at a school like the school resource officers, teachers and staff.

Read the whole story here.

Mary Kate McGrath
Mary Kate McGrath

Mary Kate is a content specialist and social media manager for the Rave Mobile Safety team. She writes about public safety for the state & local and education spheres.

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