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Campus Safety magazine compiled 9 ways to improve your daily mental health for World Mental Health Day. A proposed federal law protecting health-care workers from on-the-job violence would cost hospitals, nursing homes, and other facilities at least $1.35 billion annually to comply. The second phase of a safety plan intended to prevent wildfires left 250,000 residents in California without power. Mass shootings wreck our sense of safety, and in their wake, communities often move to fortify public spaces.Jenine Kabob, an award-winning architect, says that doesn't mean making schools into fortresses. There are three GIS trends state governments must embrace. 

Key Points: 

  • There are three major trends emerging today in implementing GIS technology cross a variety of agencies: mobility, community engagement and machine learning, which is a subset of artificial intelligence. 
  • A GIS platform can support a state’s planning, coordinating, navigating, collecting and dam-monitoring workflow with mobile apps that allow for more efficient field data gathering 
  • Machine learning — which allows people to use algorithms to see patterns in large amounts of data — is already being used by cities to make predictions, enabling local governments to make better informed decisions when and where they can have the greatest impact. 
  • Whether it's through infrastructure with mobile apps, making the enactment of policy more inclusive and efficient through a simple online site, or organizing quick and targeted response to emergencies with machine learning, states can use GIS to transform their operations

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Creating a Resource Guide for College Students Recovering From Natural Disasters

guide for studentsAmid the new normal of climate change, college and university campus officials are likely to face an increase in severe weather events. For many campuses in high-risk areas, earthquakes, fires, floods, or tsunamis can potentially disrupt campus operations. Natural disasters can cause major upheaval in a student’s education, result in physical destruction or loss of property, and take a major toll on their mental health. In addition to disaster prevention and response, emergency managers should provide a guide for students recovering from a severe weather event, connecting them to support resources.


A Look at the 2019 Top 10 Safest Cities in America

Safe Cities Safewise MapViolence. Crime. Property damage. Americans across the country worry about the safety and security of their communities on a daily basis. Safewise has put together a comprehensive nationwide ‘State of Safety’ report that analyzes violent crime and property crime around the United States and compiled their data into a top 100 Safest Cities in America list.


Questions to Ask When Researching a Clinical Preparedness Notification Tool


clinical preparedness tool - nurse using tabletWhereas most healthcare organizations are familiar with HIPAA requirements for protecting personally identifiable information, CMS’ requirements for emergency preparedness are much different. Consequently the questions you should be asking when researching a clinical preparedness notification tool are also much different. In order to comply with the Emergency Preparedness Rule, healthcare organizations have to develop a communications plan that ensures all employees, patients, and other necessary persons (i.e. patients’ physicians) are alerted to an emergency in a timely manner and kept informed during the emergency. 


Rave In The News 

The University of Iowa's Police Department director Scott Beckner put together a list of campus safety offerings for Iowa Now. "We want you to be #HawkeyeSafe and also feel empowered to play an active role in campus safety," he said. "Please continue to look out for one another, make yourself familiar with our campus safety services, and help reduce the opportunity for crime to occur by reporting your concerns." Among the list of services he listed was the Rave Guardian App. He described the app as a, "Free mobile application that allows students to select a virtual guardian to escort them during their walk home, send anonymous crime tips to the UI Police Department (UIPD) via text message, and call the UIPD with a panic button. Sign up using your UI email address to gain access to campus-specific features."

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Mary Kate McGrath

Written by Mary Kate McGrath

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