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In the News 

The Camp Fire highlights the flaws in California's emergency warnings, and the state must improve its systems for alerting citizens ahead of hazards. In Iowa, FirstNet is helping first responders stay connectedAs a dedicated platform, FirstNet provides always-on priority and preemption for first responders. This allows first responders to send and receive data, video, images and text without concerns about network congestion. Kentucky safety teams are assessing security at the two Daviess County Schools A team of officials with the Kentucky Center for School Safety visited Country Heights Elementary on Kentucky 54, while a second team visited Sorgho Elementary School. Facebook's expanded local news strategy includes government alerts. The test would alert you to natural disasters, school closures, and more. 

Key Points: 

  • Facebook is expanding its efforts to promote local news, and this now includes vital information. 
  • The initial test involves over 100 government and first responder pages, and will be capped at over 35 alerts to over a rolling 30-day period to prevent overuse. 
  • Facebook is adamant that the service will not be meant ot replace conventional emergency alerts, it's an additional more convenient source of information
  • The expansion is part of Facebook's effort to fight fake news, in this case by promoting local news and other, more trustworthy sources of information 

This Week From the Rave Team 

Read some of the stories our writers were most excited to share with you this week. To access all of our stories, check out our blog.  

Why 9-1-1 Should Always be First in Your School Emergency Alert System 

firetruck_emergency_shutterstock_195492479-1479243771-6977-300x225In order to facilitate a coordinated and controlled response to an emergency incident, the first function of a school emergency alert system should always be to contact 9-1-1. If 9-1-1 is left out of the picture, the risk exists of an uncoordinated response with a potentially negative outcome. 



How Does a Mobile Worker Safety Solution Work? 

mobile worker safety solutionBusinesses are becoming increasingly aware of the risks faced by traveling workers and are providing a mobile worker safety solution. However, not all solutions are equally as effective at protecting traveling workers from the risks they may encounter, or for best ensuring their safety while in transit.here are traveling workers (or "Mobile Workers") in practically every industry - from computer technicians who travel from client to client, to realtors who show homebuyers around prospective properties. Regardless of which industry they work in, mobile workers are exposed to health and safety risks that do not exist in a static environment. Here's how a mobile worker safety solution could work. 


How CIOs are Evolving State IT Services 

shutterstock_734651542-e1508530392246The ninth annual State CIO Survey has revealed a changing focus for State Chief Information Officers. Whereas previously CIOs have mainly concentrated on IT infrastructure, there has been a noticeable trend towards greater involvement in communication, relationship-building and strategic thinking.The survey - “The Evolving Nature of Technology Leadership" - engaged Chief Information Officers (or their representatives) from all fifty states in order to establish the critical success factors for a CIO in 2018. Three areas in particular demonstrate how CIOs are evolving state IT services - by overcoming operational issues, leading the push towards digital government, and automating services.


In the News

In Michigan, a Lenawee County Family had a happy outcome Tuesday after a family with Alzheimer's disease was located, thanks to an alert system available to county residents. Lenawee County Emergency Management Coordinator Craig Tanis said a Rave Mobile Safety phone and text alert was sent to subscribers on Tuesday afternoon and the man, who is in his 60's and diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, was found wandering in the town of Ottawa Lake. “We sent out a Rave alert with a description of the missing man, and within 10 to 15 minutes, he was spotted by someone who received that alert,” Tanis said. “She called dispatch, reported his location, and he was found safe and well." Tanis said the alert system is available for helping to ensure positive outcomes in similar situations.

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