What We're Talking About This Week - November 13th

New York City will send mental health teams instead of police to respond to some 911 calls, part of a pilot program which will launch next year. Nearly 1 in 5 people are diagnosed with a mental disorder after COVID-19 diagnosis, with research showing high rates of anxiety, depression, or insomnia. IT foundation is key to COVID-19 response, with officials turning to plans for modernizing infrastructure, cybersecurity, and citizen services. Colleges and students can take steps to ensure safe Thanksgiving travel, with many schools ending the semester before the major holiday. In light of COVID-19, all emergency preparedness plans should add in work-from-home policies and employee health concerns, among other things.

Key Points: 

  • 34% of employers didn't have an emergency preparedness plan before the pandemic, a recent survey by the Society for Human Resource Management reported.
  • A crisis management plan should include what types of risks are out there and the level of impact they could have on business, who's responsible for handling what during a crisis, and how the organization plans to communicate with staff.
  • The pandemic has also encouraged businesses to consider whether they address work-from-home policies and mental and physical health in their plans.
  • Most employers have the legal responsibility to provide a safe, healthy workplace under the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) General Duty Clause. 

This Week From The Rave Team 

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What Is It Like to Be Quarantined on Campus?

college student quarantined on campus

Coronavirus cases are spiking across the United States, with many college and university campuses being identified as hotspots. It’s become abundantly clear that it is near impossible for higher education institutions to provide an entirely safe and risk-free campus, which is why many have cordoned off dormitories and booked up hotel floors to provide quarantine locations for college students who have been exposed or tested positive for COVID-19.


How Do You Implement Social Distancing Policies in Factory and Plant Settings?

social distancing in manufacturing

Since the early spring, businesses in many industries have been able to switch operations from office-based to home-based. However, in the manufacturing industry, remote working is not an option for employees involved in production. So how do you implement social distancing policies in factory and plant settings in order to keep employees safe?



How The ED’s Title IX Updates Impact K-12 Safety Planning

the ed's title ix updates impact k-12 safety planning

Title IX policy was recently updated on the federal level, requiring school districts, colleges or universities, and public institutions to adjust reporting protocol. In May, the Department of Education released new Title IX provisions, changing the process for investigating and managing claims, with widespread implications for safety management teams. Administrators for K-12 schools must be aware of the ED’s Title IX updates, and make the appropriate adjustments to school safety plans.


Rave In The News

Ask K-12 schools and college campuses what the catalyst for purchasing a panic button system was, and many will tell you active shooter events. However, schools have quickly learned that these security features support many other aspects of school safety. Capitan Rick Francis was selected as the director of district school safety and security, prompting him to adopt Rave Mobile Safety’s technologies.

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Mary Kate McGrath
Mary Kate McGrath

Mary Kate is a content specialist and social media manager for the Rave Mobile Safety team. She writes about public safety for the state & local and education spheres.

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