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Fearing a second wave of coronavirus, California State University moved classes for the fall online. With K12 school buildings closed, children's mental health is suffering.  Datasmart City Solutions compiled a list of open data resources for local government leaders during the coronavirus pandemic. Governor Jay Inslee said that Washington is ready to launch its contact tracing program. Health officials warn that coronavirus could worsen death toll of summer heat waves. 

Key Points: 

  • As summer descends on the U.S., public health experts are warning that the coronavirus could make intense heat waves deadlier, adding to the devastating death toll the country has suffered.
  • Even before the outbreak, the hottest parts of the country were struggling to protect their residents from summer weather that, fueled by global warming, has become increasingly dangerous.
  • Now the COVID-19 epidemic has presented them with an added crisis — the possibility of millions of people self-isolating in homes and apartments they can’t keep cool. 
  • This is an especially worrying possibility for the elderly and people in poor neighborhoods, where residents are more likely to live in older, less energy-efficient homes and less likely to have air conditioners.

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Managing Office Density For A Returning Workforce

a return to office - office densityIn April, regions of the United States began to reopen their economies in a marginal return to public life, following weeks of lockdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Most companies are beginning to plan for workers returning to a physical office space, a move that will require large and small changes to both the design and workplace culture of the contemporary office. Businesses are exploring a variety of strategies, from reevaluating floor plans to staggering employee arrival times. No matter what the plan for reducing coronavirus risk for returning workers, managing office density must be a top priority, as this will be the single greatest factor in reducing potential for transmission. 


International Nurses Day: How Communities Have Thanked Nurses

thank you nursesNurses around the world have been helping their local communities fight the novel coronavirus. They’ve worked tirelessly through endless shifts with a lack of necessary equipment ranging from personal protection equipment to ventilators. While this has been a trying time, nurses and healthcare workers have really shown how dedicated they are to helping people during an unimaginable time. 


Why Nobody Really Knows the Long Term Effects of Domestic Violence on Children

DOMESTIC VIOLENCEAccording to multiple sources, children who are exposed to domestic violence are more likely to experience emotional, mental, and social damage that can affect their developmental growth. This allegedly leads to drug and alcohol abuse, criminal activity, and a higher probability the child will commit suicide. But that’s not always the case. While it is undoubtedly true that some children exposed to some level of domestic violence will experience some negative consequences, it is misleading to generalize the long-term effects of domestic violence on children. 


Rave In The News 

Modern 911 dispatch centers are relying on new technologies to bridge the information gaps typical of landline telephone calls. Now, dispatchers and first responders are pulling data with new tools to improve public safety. Emergency operations systems are also turning to volunteered crowdsourcing to help dispatchers and first responders quickly learn more about the callers, without even asking. Smart911, for example, allows the opportunity “to crowdsource some of that information so that the owners of those properties could actually update their own information," said Michael Armitage, director of Central Dispatch in Eaton County, Mich.

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