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The public safety communications network FirstNet reached new usage milestones, reaching 50 percent buildout with 600,000 devices. The demands of public safety require UAS drones, training and certifications that are up to the job. In Pennsylvania, the state has provided $40million in competitive school safety grants, meant to improve security across districts. According to Campus Safety Magazine, there are 4 security operations center design factors which mazimize officer productivity. With wildfire season on the horizon, a California hackathon will look for tech-driven solutions to state's deadly wildfires. 

Key Points:

  • Computer engineers, public safety officials and students from across California will convene Saturday for a one-day hackathon aimed at developing ways to use emerging technologies to combat the state’s wildfirefire season
  • The teams participating in the hackathon will try to come up with uses for artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing and blockchain, with a specific focus on public health and accessibility in a natural disaster
  • Also on hand will be Fremont Mayor Lily Mei and members of the city’s fire department, who were part of a massive response to the Camp Fire last November, which killed 85 people and torched 153,336 acres to become the worst wildfire in the state’s history
  • State officials have sought to make better use of technology in combatting the infernos and assisting victims. For example, the California Health and Human Services Agency standardized its data-reporting policies for the different types of facilities it regulates in order to build a single database and GIS-enabled map to help officials figure out which locations needed to be evacuated first 

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60% of Active Shooter Incidents in 2018 Occurred in Businesses

60 of Active Shooter Incidents in 2018 Occurred in Businesses60 of Active Shooter Incidents in 2018 Occurred in Businesses. The FBI’s recently-released “Active Shooter Incidents in the United States in 2018” report reveals that, of twenty-seven events designated active shooter incidents in 2018, sixteen occurred in businesses - the highest proportion of business-related incidents since the FBI defined it classification criteria.


What Makes a Comprehensive Hospital Emergency Management Team?

hospital emergency management teamA comprehensive Hospital Emergency Management Team is a team designed to cope with any internal or localized emergency, which can also be integrated seamlessly into a regional Incident Command System. Because of its complexity, the success of the team relies heavily on effective emergency communication. Hospital Emergency Management Teams are far more complex than Emergency Management Teams found in non-medical environments.


How the Measles Outbreak Affects School Safety

measles outbreakOn April 29, 2019, federal health officials said that measles continues to spread across the United States, with over 700 documented cases found across 22 states, according to the New York Times. The epidemic is the worst outbreak in decades, with the highly contagious disease spreading largely from communities with low vaccination rates. Children under the age of 5 make up more than half of the documented cases. Amid the outbreak, schools and local community centers are being shut down, suspending operations, and instituting quarantines. The scope of the outbreak is not yet clear,  but schools should have a safety plan that considers the worst-case scenario.


Rave In The News

In Illinois, the Wilmette police have launched a new 911 cellphone program that provides first reponders with instant information. The Smart911 program gives residents the chance to provide first responders and dispatchers with potentially life-saving informatoin when they dial 911 from their cellphones. The free service allows residents to set up personal profiles detailing basic information, including their name, address and phone number, as well as relaying details of preexisting medical conditions or other special needs. Residents can also request that the Smart911 system send text messages to their cell phone relaying emergency weather alerts, and village information, such as water boil orders. 

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Mary Kate McGrath

Written by Mary Kate McGrath

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