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The 2019 APCO Public Safety Broadband Summit examined NG911 funding and implementation challenges on the local level as it explores the future with NG911. The top emergency preparedness experts are sharing tips, tricks, and shopping list items to help residents get the supplies needed for hurricane kits. According to Today, schools may be unprepared to help kids with disabilities during a lockdown. In a time where schools are increasingly teaching students to "Run, Fight, Hide", it's imperative for school districts to prepare to help kids with disabilities who may be unable to do so. A recent study showed that at least 2 million or more Americans experience workplace violence .

Key Points: 

  • In this country, we do not know the motive of a civil engineer who opened fire at his workplace in Virginia Beach. However, the mass shooting adds to the record of widespread workplace violence.
  • In 2016, there were 500 workplace homicides. They accounted for 10% of all fatal occupational injuries that year according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Over 2 million Americans experience violence at work according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA.
  • Even more alarming is that OSHA goes on to tell us that many more cases go unreported. So we don't even have a good statistic as to how many Americans are victimized by workplace violence.

  • Even though we like to think that it doesn't happen a lot; 1 in 7 employees say they don't feel safe at work. This shows the need for increased emergency plans.


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What Type of Safety Training Should Campus Faculty Receive?

type of safety training should campus faculty receiveIn 2019, there have been 8 reported shootings on college or high school campuses. These attacks occurred in locations across campus, such as the gym, parking lot, classroom, or school hallway. These incidents have prompted officials to consider what type of safety training should campus faculty receive to be prepared.


A Macro Issue Is Brewing For Women in Economics

Women in economicsThe entertainment industry and politics have felt a long overdue reckoning from the #MeToo moment, weeding out harassers and abusers out of positions of power in their industries. Some argue that the world of economics has gone largely unscathed so far, but not due to a lack of incidents. Many women in the financial advisory industry who have been sexually harassed are still reluctant to come forward and report the abuse.


Do We Underestimate How Much Nurses Deal With On A Daily Basis? 

Do We Underestimate How Much Nurses Deal with on a Daily Basis? Senator Maureen Walsh of Washington angered nurses across the nation. Walsh made remarks on the senate floor in April 2019 while discussing a bill that would ensure nurses receive uninterrupted meal and rest breaks so that they can provide the highest quality patient care. The Senator had issues with the bill and proposed a surprise amendment, along with commentary about what nurses do. Her inaccurate comments gained national attention, causing an uproar among nurses and their supporters about the national misunderstanding about what nurses deal with on a daily basis. 


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In Scranton County, Pennsylvania, Smart911 is helping first responders. Local county 911 centers are trying to get ahead to get ahead of a call by encouraging residents to provide important information through the safety profile program. With cell phones in and landlines going out. Residents of all ages can sign up and enter their address, who lives at the residents, medical assistance and history, work location and more. It's up to residents what to add. "As a police officer, EMT, a firefighter, anybody going to any emergency situation just the smallest amount of information can help. Like I said it can save a lot of confusion down the road," said Chief Morristell. 

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