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In Wisconsin, a new program called "Peer Support Team" focuses on the mental health of first responders and local law enforcement. The program aims to alleviate the stress of a dramatic events such as fires, crashes, or water rescues. A new study examines SROs in middle schools, evaluating school admissions and grade-level proficiency, that could be impacting school safety. As the virtual reality industry has begun to blossom, companies and governments alike have sought to find new ways to utilize the technology. This includes exploring the potential for VR to change how police respond to mental health crises. The most recent hate crime statistics from the FBI 's crime reporting program are worth taking a closer look at, as they reveal alarming trends: 

Key Points: 
  • In November, a report released by the FBI found hate crimes in the U.S. have spiked for the third year in a row, increasing 17% from 2016 to 2017 alone 
  • In 2017, the U.S. Department of Education reported 1,143 hate crimes based on 6,339 institutions with 11,210 campuses. In March 2019, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) released a report that found white supremacy propaganda has increased on college campuses. In 2018, the ADL recorded 319 incidents on 212 college and university campuses.
  •  the FBI’s 2017 report included data from 16,149 law enforcement agencies and covered a population of 306,435,676. Of these agencies, 2,040 reported 7,175 hate crime incidents involving 8,437 offenses
  • The breakdown by offense types revealed 27.6% were destruction/damage/vandalism 27.1% were intimidation, 20.7% were simple assault, 11.7% were aggravated assault

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How To Manage Operations With Reduced Personnel During School Breaks

How To Manage Operations With Reduced Personnel During School BreaksThe summer months can result in a lull in activity for campus safety teams. After the end of the academic year, which includes finals, commencement, and other major events, college and university campuses are likely to have a quiet period. Students move on to internships, jobs, and off-campus pursuits. Faculty leave campus to pursue career development and other academic training. Given this slow in campus activity, many higher education institutions may choose to reduce safety personnel during the summer months. The school is unlikely to shut down completely, however, and campus managers must be prepared to manage safety with a smaller team.


How This Dallas Nonprofit Manages Safety Amid Major Development

Downtown DallasThe downtown area of Dallas is in the midst of a major renaissance, adding high-rise towers with offices, restaurants and stores. The building boom has encouraged city leaders and local businesses to take a new approach to security planning for the downtown area, considering a variety of risks including fires, severe weather, and crime.


The Backstory of Nurse Hotlines and why Dispatchers Transfer 9-1-1 Calls to Nurses

The Backstory of Nurse Hotlines and why Dispatchers Transfer 9-1-1 Calls to NursesThe Medical Priority Dispatching System originally consisted of a flip tray that gave call dispatchers lists of medically-vetted questions to ask depending on the information provided to them by 9-1-1 callers. Depending on the answers to the questions, dispatchers were able to calm callers and provide clear instructions on what they should do while waiting for an ambulance to arrive. The system still exists, but is now computerized and integrated into computer-aided dispatch systems all over the world. Due to the medical terminology used in some scripts confusing already distraught callers, the Medical Priority Dispatching System (MPDS) was developed in 1978.


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The 2018 hurricane season was above average in the Atlantic, with 15 named storms during the season, including eight hurricanes, two of which were major and wrought billions of dollars in damage – Hurricane Florence in the Carolinas, and the since-reclassified Category 5 Hurricane Michael in the Florida Panhandle. Emergency officials in are preparing for the upcoming hurricane season. One step residents can take ahead of hurricane season, officials say, is to create a Safety Profile for their household with the County’s free Smart911.com service, to provide potentially critical, life-saving information up front to first-responders. Profiles can contain as much or as little information as users want, including details about their properties, special medical conditions and family contact

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