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Digital transformation is revolutionizing every industry and field, and healthcare is no exception. There are 6 digital transformation trends in healthcare to look out for in 2019, many of which have a potential impact on workplace safety in the field. A 911 outage in prompted Washington's first statewide use of a text alert system, with emergency management officials learning how to use the new statewide system. Safely evacuating the elderly takes practice and planning, which is becoming an increasing necessity amid storms. 

Key Points: 

  • For those retiring in low-county South Carolina, storm evacuations have become a reality. In 2016, Hurricane Matthew caused mass evacuations along the Carolina coast, and Hurricane Florence once again forced residents to flee homes last year 
  • As unpredictable weather starts to feel inevitable, staff in retirement homes have worked to make evacuation drills as routine as other planned activities 
  • The logistics behind evacuating these residents is critical - ambulances must be planned for, the appropriate medical gear must be packed  
  • The planning also requires financial considerations - one nursing home paid $350,000 in shelter and transportation during Hurricane Florence. These numbers will only increase during the next storm, but are becoming an important part of the facility's commitment to care

This Week From the Rave Team 


Creative Ways to Prevent Bullying in Schools 

prevent bullying Newark, New Jersey, a high school principal named Akbar Cook came up with an unexpected strategy to combat bullying and student absences. Cook’s answer was a laundry room on campus. The principal realized that high school students were missing days of school due to bullying for dirty clothes, and installed five commercial grade washer and dryers in an empty locker room. The approach is just one of the many creative approaches administrators can take to prevent bullying and increase school safety. 


How One University Kept Running During Hurricane Florence

hurricane florenceIn early September, Hurricane Florence caused more than $17 billion of property damage and economic loss as winds of up to 140mph battered North and South Carolina. Millions of people were evacuated and a state of emergency declared as more than 35 inches of rain fell within two weeks. During the storm, the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) managed to keep operations running thanks to its crisis communication team and a mass notification system. 


Increasing Soft Target Security - One Year On

soft target securityJust over a year ago, we published a blog entitled “How to Harden Soft Target Locations” which tackled the subject of increasing soft target security. In light of recent attacks on soft targets, it seems appropriate to revisit the blog to highlight some of the measures recommended at the time.



Rave In the News

In December, Rave Mobile Safety acquired mass notification company SwiftReach Networks. According to TechTarget, the purchase added SwiftReach's FCC-licensed proprietary telephony network to Rave's communications infrastructure. This extends the reach and redundancy of Rave mass notification, one of the key communication services the safety company offers. The acquisition also adds SwiftReach's offerings, such as its K-12 school communication platform, to Rave's product portfolio. Piett said that Rave is capable of sending 3,000 text messages per second and has 80,000 phone lines available for voice calls. In addition, the company will post alerts to Facebook and Twitter if the scenario calls for it, and can coordinate government Wireless Emergency Alerts, such as weather emergencies and Amber Alerts. 

Read the whole story here. 

Mary Kate McGrath

Written by Mary Kate McGrath

Mary Kate is a content specialist and social media manager for the Rave Mobile Safety team. She writes about public safety for the state & local and education spheres.


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