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Data analytics and visual search technologies are increasingly being used by law enforcement agencies. Law enforcement agencies are able to share the data amongst themselves and the commercial data can be shared with public safety officials. US towns are decommissioning tornado sirens due to smart phone warnings, a decision that could be controversial in different regions of the United States. ABC News shared a breakdown of the major emergency alerts, each alert has its own function and time that local, state, and federal agencies can use it. 

Key Points: 

  • There are three major alert systems in the United States: Wireless Emergency Alerts, Emergency Alert System, and Opt-in Alert systems. 
  • WEAs are sent to people's wireless devices, depending on where they are located and if the information pertains to them. These alerts come from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). State and local agencies can also send out alerts using WEA.

  • EAS alerts are sent through televisions and radios, either locally or nationally. These alerts can be sent from FEMA of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Weather Service. 

  • The system used for opt-in alerts can vary by region, but operates similarly in what reasons people are notified. Alerts received could be about extreme weather or natural disasters, road closures, missing people, or evacuations and are managed by local agencies. 

This Week From the Rave Team 


Corporate Safety is Top of Mind for 2019

Corporate SafetyWe are only a few weeks into the new year, and workplace safety has already become a major point of conversation in 2019. At Rave, we have noticed a recent interest increase in our corporate safety related content, and these topics show no signs of slowing down. We predict that emergency preparedness will continue to grow in relevancy for business organizations as 2019 continues. 


8 Crazy 911 Calls to Kick Off the New Year

craziest 911 callsThe role of an emergency dispatcher is not easy - it’s a high-stakes job that requires quick-thinking, patience, and resourcefulness. Every day, these workers deal with a variety of situations from medical emergencies to theft. They must also help manage safety during large-scale emergencies, such as during hurricanes or other natural disasters. Of course, PSAP operators also have their fair share of ridiculous calls. In a job where employees have seen it all, the crazy 9-1-1 calls that come in every year continue to be interesting. 


The Impact of Cybersecurity Threats in K-12 Schools

School Cybersecurity ThreatsThere is evidence to suggest the volume of cyberattacks on K-12 schools is increasing. Not only do successful attacks result in the unauthorized disclosure of personal data or a lack of access to school networks, the impact of cybersecurity threats in K-12 schools can also compromise emergency communication systems.


Rave In The News

The Mobile County Communications District in Mobile, Alabama announced on Thursday a free service called Smart 9-1-1 is available to all residents of the county. According to a news release announcing the service, Smart 9-1-1 allows individuals and families to sign up and fill out a profile that provides key information to first responders. This information will assist those trying to render aid to the caller. Any special needs situation, medication requirements, emergency contact information, specific instructions or directions and any other information  the citizen wants to provide would be made available to emergency responders when the user dials during an emergency. "Smart 9-1-1 saves critical time in an emergency and has proven to save lives nationwide," said Charlie McNichol, Mobile County's 911 director, for the announcement. 

Read the whole story here. 

Mary Kate McGrath

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