What We're Talking About This Week - December 18th, 2020

Although maintaining student, faculty and community health during the pandemic is critical, it's important to prepare for threats beyond COVID-19. The Sandy Hook victims were remembered in an online vigil hosted by gun control advocates on the eighth anniversary of the tragic shooting. Managers can create safe and healthy warehouse environments with data-driven technology, reinforcing protocols and reducing COVID-19 spread. COVID-19 is impacting the mental health of medical professionals, with many feeling helpless amid the pandemic. 

Key Points: 

  • With the number of COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths rising throughout much of the U.S., the mental health of medical professionals is being put to the test.
  • A survey that included over a 1,000 health care workers found that 93% of them reported experiencing stress, with 82% saying they were experiencing emotional exhaustion, according to MHA President Paul Gionfriddo.
  • UC Davis Medical Center nurse Melissa Johnson Camacho said that along with the exhaustion comes an overall feeling of tension in the hospital. "There's also the fear that you or a colleague might contract coronavirus and bring it home," she said.
  • He said the lasting impact of COVID-19 could impact health care workers' decision to stay in the profession. Some people said in the MHA survey that they have had second thoughts about whether or not this is the right profession for them, Gionfriddo said.

This Week From The Rave Team 

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Clearing Up Clery Act Myths Amid Remote Learning

Clery Act Myths

The COVID-19 crisis has upended life on campus, forcing colleges and universities to operate facilities at limited capacity, conduct rapid testing or establish strict student health protocols, and transition to remote learning. The Clery Act, which requires colleges and universities to document crime on campus, will still require institutions to be in compliance during the unprecedented public health crisis. While some administrators may experience confusion about reporting amid the pandemic, leaders can facilitate the process by clearing up several Clery Act myths that have popped up during remote learning. 


What are Desktop Notifications for Business?

Desktop Notifications for Business

Push notifications have long been used on company computers to capture the attention of employees for important issues such as software updates or firewall security alerts. But one type has the potential to save lives and mitigate operational disruptions in an emergency: desktop notifications for business integrated within your organization's emergency notification system.


Pre-Emergency Safety Planning: Managing Worried Well Patients

Pre-Emergency Safety Planning: Managing Worried Well Patients

During the COVID-19 pandemic, worried well patients placed an incredible strain on healthcare resources. However, prior to the pandemic, researchers had already identified an increase in patients with health anxieties – implying that, even once the pandemic is over, healthcare organizations will have to factor worried well patients into pre-emergency safety planning.



With Rising Hate Crimes, Here Are 3 Ways to Protect Your Community


With Rising Hate Crimes, Here Are 3 Ways to Protect Your Community

In 2019, hate crimes in the United States reached the highest level in more than a decade, with federal officials reporting the highest number hate-motivated killings since the FBI began collecting data in the early 1990s, as per AP News. These alarming statistics emphasize a need to reprioritize anti-hate efforts, and for government officials looking to protect their communities, there are three essential communication strategies that can prevent and mitigate hate-motivated violence. 


Rave In The News 

Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone today announced a County-wide first responder COVID-19 testing plan that will allow active local fire service, emergency medical service providers, and local law enforcement to receive a rapid test on weekends throughout the month of December. Eligible first responders are able to sign up for an appointment through a reservation-based mobile system on the County’s Rave Mobile Safety platform.

Read the whole story here. 

Mary Kate McGrath
Mary Kate McGrath

Mary Kate is a content specialist and social media manager for the Rave Mobile Safety team. She writes about public safety for the state & local and education spheres.

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