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EHS Today compiled seven tips for retaining retiring worker knowledge, keeping wisdom and experience in-house.The Federal Communications Commission will provide $4.9 billion for rural broadband to 171 local wireless carriers through the agency’s Universal Service Fund over the next 10 years. A study by the Crisis Prevention Institute found that 70% of occupational violence occurs in the healthcare industry. Hurricane Dorian may be a Category 4 Hurricane, and there is basic prep Floridians can do if the tropical storm arrives. 

Key Points: 

  • As Tropical Storm Dorian brews in the Atlantic, it’s still too early to say what effects, if any, could be felt here in South Florida. But it’s not too early to start getting ready. If you don’t have a well-stocked hurricane kit, you’re already late to the game. 
  • Check your hurricane kit: You need a gallon of water per person, per day for at least five days. Keep in mind if you wait until the last moment to prepare, you’ll be dealing with long lines and could have a hard time finding the essential supplies you need
  • Get some situational awareness: Do you live in a mandatory evacuation zone? Where would you go if a Category 5 Goliath is threatening to send the ocean into your living room? How will you keep your pets safe during the storm? Where are emergency shelters? Have a plan and do some homework. 
  • Be a decent human: Do you have a neighbor who might need help? Extend a helping hand 

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Higher-Education Institutions Conducting Campus Safety Research

campus safety researchIn May, Johns Hopkins University School of Education announced it would establish a center to study school safety and student health, according to WAMU. Amid rising concerns about school safety, the center will allow the school to bring research in-house, implementing data-driven strategies and sharing valuable information with campuses across the United States. The center represents a trend among higher-education institutions, which are taking an active role in campus safety research. 


Reauthorization of PAPHPA Increases Disaster Preparedness Support for Hospitals

Reauthorization of PAPHPA Increases Disaster Preparedness Support for HospitalsThe recent reauthorization of the Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness Act (PAHPA) provides additional support for medical facilities in the Hospital Preparedness Program to prepare, respond, and recover from disasters. Additionally the Act promotes the development of new vaccines to fight epidemics and pandemics.


Severe Weather Alert Templates Businesses Should Be Using

shutterstock_714982963Severe weather events in the United States are inevitable. Preparing your business for any type of emergency can be difficult, but the right tools (like a mass notification system, emergency and business continuity plan) can have a positive impact on employee safety. Having a way to connect with employees is vital, but once you get the right tools, what do you send to communicate with them? In a mass notification system, a company can create templates and save them for when they are necessary. 


Rave In The News

 It seems there’s an app for everything these days, so it shouldn’t surprise you that Iowa State has an app to help protect students. It can be nerve-racking for students walking home to their dorm rooms late at night. That’s why police at Iowa State University are encouraging them to download the Guardian app. School is back in session at Iowa State University and as classes ramp up, ISU Police Chief Michael Newton is reminding students to download their Guardian app. “They can submit tips to us. There’s one touch calling of the police department so they can hit the button and they can call us.”

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Mary Kate McGrath

Written by Mary Kate McGrath

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