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In 2019, Campus Safety Magazine conducted a Campus Safety emergency notification deep dive survey, finding that more campuses plan on investing in emergency notifications. New data compiled by Pew Charitable Trusts shows legislative interest in high-speed internet is rising, with states passing 156 broadband laws last year. Taking a connected, innovative approach to results in a more secure healthcare facility. Workplace leaders need to have a strong understanding of employees' needs, emphasizine the importance of engagement and listening to employees.While most public safety operations in an EOC are guided by time-tested principles, disasters highlight the growing need for digital readiness. 

Key Points: 

  • While most public safety operations in an EOC are guided by time-tested principles, digital response before, during and after a disaster is surprisingly uncharted territory. 
  • Best practice is to create a single cross-jurisdictional destination for information. Residents should not have to comb through the city's website, the county's website, the sheriff's website, and the police department's Twitter account to find out when they can re-enter their neighborhoods.
  • You should not wait for the urgency (and added anxiety) of a disaster to build a recovery website or communications plan. 
  • A human reminder that their government is there for them, even through digital communications, is a powerful civic gesture in the start of a long road of recovery and rebuilding. 

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Could Your Business Answer “Yes” to Eight or More Emergency Preparedness Questions?

emergency preparednessThis year's hurricane season is forecasted to have the third highest level of storm intensity this decade, yet many businesses are not fully prepared for severe weather events. Some lack basic severe weather preparedness plans, potentially placing the business - and the people who work for it - at risk. 



What Happens to Graduating Seniors After a School Tragedy?

graduating seniors after a school tragedyGraduating seniors who have lived through a tragedy, whether they are the survivors of a school shooting, a severe weather event in the community, or any other life-altering situation, are likely to struggle to move forward. The last year of high school is a time where students are meant to look toward the future, and feel optimistic about, their potential and goals, and experiencing a tragedy can be a devastating blow to these plans. Local officials and administrators have a responsibility to provide the appropriate support system in the weeks, months, and years after a traumatic event, since students are likely to struggle to understand the tragedy, even long after they've graduated.


How to Alert Beachgoers During Shark Week

alert beachgoers during shark weekWhile we all know Shark Week thanks to Discovery Channel programming, this year we're including an added focus: alerting beachgoers to sharks. We explore the history behind Shark Week, different beachgoer communication methods, and even list out some of our own favorite sharks.


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Rave Mobile Safety is making enhancements to improve how teachers, school administrators, and first responders can communicate during an emergency.Through the Rave Panic Button app, school officials will be able to directly call first responders through 911 and share with them information on what is going on at the site. The integrated platform provides access to control, video, electronic signage and mass notifications to improve communications with affected personnel, students and parents both on and off site.

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